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Tubeless Tire : Hutchinson 2007


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I see in the Cyclelab newsletter tubeless Hutchinson are arriving early 2007. Apparently it's easier to fit, better performance, comfy, better handling and safety. I'm a bit worried about this... 1 cut through the tire and you're done... apparently if you pick up a puncture the loss of pressure occurs slowly so it will get you home? Will anyone try these? Confused

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Yeah, I was reading what the guys were saying at Interbike. I like the concept, still remains to be seen if they get it right this year. Apparently it was tested in the pro-peloton by certain riders all year. I'll wait until the 2008 realease for mine though.

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Jason dude, the mounties have been riding UST for many moons and a sidewall cut is our only fear. BUT...... the UST tires are only inflated to 2.5 bars, as opposed to 8 bars for the Contis I ride.


Going down Sandton drive at 86 ks an hour in the mornings on a tire that's not dedicated tubeless, at 8 bars........ two words - Joseba Beloki
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