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Chasse patate, Flemish.

A rider chasing a breakaway, fails to catch it and then gets stuck between the breakaway and the peloton.

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Moertoe aka bonk aka hitting the wall aka gaar aka stukkend


When you reach a point in a ride where you can't turn the pedals anymore and phone your mommy to come and fetch you.

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Campagnolo - A culture with its' own language, customs and beliefs. Some call it a cult. Founded by high priest of bike mecanics, Tullio Campagnolo. Followers are fanatical about beauty and function. They don't care about money or earthly possessions, as long as they can ride Campagnolo groupsets. The only other cult they have any respect for is that of Colnago.   

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  1. try to sell (something, especially small goods - like a pedal) by going from place to place.
    ​"he peddled baie sukkel pedals around the country"
    synonyms: sell, sell from door to door, hawk, tout, vend, offer for sale; 
  2. sell (an illegal drug or stolen item).
    "are cyclists involved in drug peddling"
  3. promote (an idea or view) persistently or widely.
    "the giant con that has been peddled in the Conservative press"
    synonyms: advocatesuggesturgerecommendchampionMore
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