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Day after race


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Can some-one explain whats happening with me.


I found that the day after a very hard race, I actually produce some really awesome power outputs according to my own standards.


My legs are even sore the next day after a hard race.  The day after race I normally do a recovery ride. After riding 10-15 minutes I found that the soreness in the legs gave way and then it feels like I can ride all day long...


Now what is happening here?. I only ride with 2 water bottles and a packet of jelly babies during a race, so I cannot get this figured out why I feel so much stronger the day after a race.


Can anybody give me some sort of explanation?


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You're not racing hard enough!! Nope, even if you feel like you can ride all day long, the max recovery ride should be 40 minutes. If longer it becomes a work out and you might just not perform the day after that

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True. I also have found that 2 days after the race then I am a bit buggered. yesterday I did "recovery" ride but it actually just became another training ride becuase I really pushed it for an hour because of I just felt really strong.


No way I'm not riding hard enough in the race.. It feels like I'm killing myself on race day's. I am not riding in top groups where I can sit and get help from others. I am only an "N" group rider and here you dont find people riding together and sharing the workload. Hopefully after this new seeding in November I will be able to get up to J or K at least.  Until I can ride in proper bunch it is just one big slog for me..
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email: johan@ayos.co.za( BMAX)

He will explain why you should change your....."feeding skills".....what about your next race.

Good luck.....ek praat van my eie ondervinding...hulle kan jou met enige probleem inligting gee wat werk.

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