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Hi guys/girls


Times are probably tough for all of us but the idea of the thread is to list your business or service, or request a business or service that you may need.


Suppose the same can go for locally made products.


Lets have a local is lekker kind of vibe here so we can help each other out.


If you have a better or smarter idea on how to do/manage this please say so but lets try keep chit chat to a minimum so if you have listed yourself here we don’t have to sift through to many posts.

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lekker idea. 


Myles Mayhew / Financial Advisor & part time small business manager / Investment / Med Aid / Life Assurance / Business Assurance / Retirement planning / Estate Planning. I'm not restricted to one particular company's products. 



No short term insurance, unfortunately, but 

Looking to get into property when the opportunity dictates. 

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The wifes business is Spice Etc, a nice variety of spices. She is a one women show with agents doing the selling. She does markets some weekends


I am in the Fabric/Rag trade. Almost anything thats available I can get, from a pins, scissors, elastic, silk, upholstery etc.

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Wife is a freelance graphic designer, mostly “below the line”, but no web design - that’s her sister’s role.


She is starting to get into tutorial-type videos using hand drawn images and text to explain the how to.


Happy to assist on any project(s) where overflow work is required, on the Creative Suite package of Adobe (Mac).

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Got my spices from Eddy Gordo today. They smell and taste amazing!! Thanks Eddy!


Sorry about the orientation. Not sure how to fix it on my phone.



No added wheat and soya in the spices like most other brands!!

Hence the awesome flavour. Wait until you cook with them.

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I recently started out by designing and printing 3d parts for prototyping and development. If you already have the design I can print it for you or if you have and Idea of what you want I can design and print it. I am based in Brackenfell/Stellenbosch. 

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