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Looks /feel / name / performance / money?


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Yesterday it was between two hubbers bike. As the poll option is to small I will hear your comments. Why did you choose your bike? I know I chose mine because when I started out it was one of the best and beautiful bikes on the road. And I bought my second one, because once you've bought a Cannondale you cannot ride something else.










smallrebel2006-10-27 05:44:41
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everything is not showing. you can not have the pics in your "my documents" folder.


You could have chosen better paint jobs. I hate black bikes and aero tubing. So I will go for a Raleigh unless you change the Cannondale to a red one.
Mampara2006-10-27 05:04:40
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Though choice, mmmh, would probarly go for the Colnago(if it's got a better paintjob), then the Cannondale, followed closely by the Bianchi and then the Cerevelo....which I think get's alot of hype.

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Smallrebel. YOU CAN NOT HOST THE PICS ON YOUR OWN PC!. It must be on a internet server with a IP address.

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