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SRAM shifter with Shimano brakes...


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I've just got some second hand XT brakes and instead of using them on the bike I was going to I see an opportunity to rid myself of my hated Guide R's and have some proper brakes on my enduro bike. I see there are options from eg Bike Yoke to mount SRAM shifters and/or a dropper lever onto Shimano with an adapter, or alternatively to get a bracket for the shifter and dropper and mount them separately. 


Has anyone tried either option or found a locally available adapter to match the shifter pod to the Shimano brake?

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recently changed to slx M7000 (I spec II)

for the shifter, I got the wolftooth shiftmount 


stupid idiot me, forgot about the dropper.

a mate made me some with his 3D printer (it'll change to black as soon as he has filiment) works good, but still in testing phase. not sure if the plastic will be strong to the the punishment for a shifter.




edit: not sure why the uploader rotates the pics :cursing:

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Went through a similar exercise recently to declutter my bars after fitting a Lyne Contour dropper.

I ended up ditching the Lyne lever and purchasing a ethirteen VARIO lever and Formula matchmaker thingy. There were other cheaper solutions on paper but no stock and distributors were saying June July maybe....

wolftooth makes plenty of adaptors, .. No stock

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...but is there stock......


There are about 473 variants of I-Spec currently on the market. Some of them have the same name, but are incompatible. Without knowing exactly which of these is needed, it's hard to say...

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 Mine are ISpec II I believe but lack the necessary captive nuts to attach even a Shimano shifter too. I suspect I am going to end up simply adding shifter clamps to the SRAM shifter and dropper lever and cluttering the bars a bit in the process...

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