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The ∆lchemy Bike: Custom Titanium Belt Drive


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Its been a long **** last couple of years as Im sure most of you can relate.  My world has slowly started to open up again and I can see a little light at the end of the tunnel, I have not had a personal project for over 2 years and its been killing me..............So..........I can't afford to do a 356 yet, I can't find an oval that is priced right for a restomod, I finished my motorbike project (https://www.bikeexif.com/custom-husqvarna-701-enduro) so boredom has set in, after a fun ride on the dog walker the other day I decided it was time to build something a little special again. 

This will be my 4th fully custom ground up build. 

1st:  https://forum.bikehub.co.za/topic/134550-first-ever-ssfixi-build/

2nd https://forum.bikehub.co.za/topic/140980-2nd-ever-ss-build-belt-drive-9er-dog-walker/

3rd https://forum.bikehub.co.za/topic/162718-n1-the-third-attempt/#comments


 I have decided on the following: 

Stay True to my design philosophy “ Clean, Simple, Minimal”

The idea is to take all of my learning from my last three builds, then design and build one bike to rule them all.  Based around a raw Titanium frame, Black carbon forks, front disk brake with full 360 rotation of handlebars running Crank Bros Wheels and a belt drive.

I have persuaded a seasoned pro to help walk me through the process and plan to keep my updates here. Its fun for me to go back and read and remember the journey I took!! 

I appreciate that all my builds are "Marmite" - you either love em or hate em and this has never bothered me, I do them for me, for my pleasure, for my creative outlet, to remove the stress and drama of my work life. 

I have just finished my fairly extensive design brief so now all the hard work, home work and sourcing begins!! 


I will keep you posted as the story unfolds.  As always please free to add value and offer advice, I have a very clear picture of the end result in my mind and I am not willing to sacrifice it!! 



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Looking forward to this. Long time since we had a build! Look at Dangerholm for some inspiration with integration.

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1 hour ago, DJuice said:

Some nice new goodies available.

EEwings cranks



Any links ??

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So…….. Boost - WTF, the wheels I want don’t fit the forks I want, back to the drawing board.  I think I’ve found a solution but need to check.  

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Very cool thanks - will have a good look.  First glance was just at all the gears and cog but will look through the list 


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If it is titanium and bikes you like then you need to look at the matching motorbike(seeing as you mentioned a husky)

Have a youtube troll at W Robert Ransom, he is building a really cool full titanium motorbike, frame to fairings all custom titanium.

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Slow Progress!!

XTR Lever also now arrived in the UK with a mate. 

Bushnell light weight Eccentric BB ordered 

Final frame sizes decided 

Carbon integrated stem and bar bought (needs sanding down and re sprayed) 

New Crank Brothers shoes sent to a mate in Germany 

Gates Carbon drive front and rear ordered - I found I already had a spare correct size belt!! 

Wheels still not arrived after over a month 


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Looking for a nice Direct mount FSA Crank arms if any knows any locally ?


happy to look at used if carbon 

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