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[Event] Eroica CLASSIC, HERO & NOVA, South Africa

Stan Engelbrecht

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Event Name: Eroica CLASSIC, HERO & NOVA, South Africa
When: 12/04/2024
Where: MontaguMontagu, Western Cape
Category: Gravel

Eroica CLASSIC is a celebration of vintage cycling culture. Dust off your old steel road bike, unpack those wool cycling jerseys from yesteryear, and come and take on the beautiful dirt roads around Montagu. For 2024, we have a brand new route that takes riders up the infamous Ouberg Pass! Eroica CLASSIC is not a race, but rather a tough ride to pay homage to the greats from cycling's glorious past. The route includes fantastic food and drinks, and some wine just like in the good old days. Only vintage steel road bikes allowed.

Eroica HERO is for those who want to push their steel vintage bikes and their legs to the limit. This 173km all-gravel route is not for the feint-hearted. Only the toughest of riders need apply.

NOVA is Eroica's answer to modern gravel bike racing. This is a long fast paced route, but structured in such a way that you only race sections, and you have time the enjoy the views and great rest stops along the way. A social race, if you will. Only open to modern gravel bikes.

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On 10/31/2023 at 9:04 PM, Prince Albert Cycles said:

Missed this a few times now due to bad planning on my side . Not this time . Accommodation in Montague booked .

love this event - one of my few check the calendar events out there, unfortunately we're booked for this weekend already.


will miss the old classic route, but ouberg is a beast worth conquering.

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If nothing goes awry I'll be there too, coming from London. I'm planning on riding from Franschhoek on Friday and then to do the Nova if the legs allow.

How I'm getting back to Cape Town is another question, one step at the time.

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Nova for me. Last one I did was 2020 just before lockdown. I remember looking at a contingent of Italian visitors and wondering if they were bringing the plague. Remember those insane videos of the scenes frommitalian hospitals? We locked down by the following Thursday I think it was.

Looking forward to it. Glad I'm not on skinny tires with tubes and in a woolen jersey with down tube shifters like the other enthusiasts (fanatics)....

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1 hour ago, Jakkals. said:

The time has arrived. 


we're doing two oceans so that won the clash. always loved coming to the 'gu to play bikes for a weekend

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1 hour ago, bleedToWin said:

We can have a rerun of Tour du Cap Stage 1 then! 😉

Sounds like an offer to tow the field to me!!

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4 minutes ago, bleedToWin said:

I'm following @Jbr until the sun comes up!

I tested my new light again this morning, definitely an upgrade from last year when I couldn’t see passed my front wheel, especially when my light died after 40mins 🤣🤣

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