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My evening was ruined......


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....... by 5 guys who walked into my pub last night & held us up taking some wallets and cellphones (including mine).


But, 3 of them got their come uppance and are now lying in the morgue.











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Heard about that on the news this morning' date=' apparently shot by an off duty policeman. [/quote']


That's the one.


but not apparently..... 



The bastards had earlier hijacked a women in Glenhazel/Sandringham & fortunately had not harmed her !


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I suppose just as you have to groups of cyclists, Those that have fallen and those that are going to fall, so you would get two groups of South Africans .... those that was robbed and those that are still going to be robbed. Angry


Glad to hear you are OK.


Ah well, 3 down and another million or so to go.
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and the worst part of it all, was when we REALLY REALLY REALLY needed a drink.........


the cops refused to let the barlady serve any Unhappy


Oh....... and I went to bed hungry  LOL




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THUG you can be lucky the cop did not know you were the THUG or else it would have been Cop kills three robbers and one THUG!!!!!!


Glad you are OK. Get councilling for trauma if neccesary. I did after I was hijacked a few years ago and it really helped.
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