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Good Luck Lem!


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You came across very well on Supercycling.


Good luck with your endeavors particularly the national seeding system and setting up communication between all of the cycling bodies in the country. You are going to need it!


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yes' date=' it went well but was v short![/quote']


Now my question is:  they go to the trouble to get the guy there, and to interview him, but then cut it short..and then proceed to show that CRAP about the female specific goodies you can buy at CyclelabConfused...just surprised they did not rehash the **** they showed about 5 times last year about some producer/cameraman/tea boy at Supercycling riding his bike with a Liggett voice-over.  All those things are SO much better than having a potentially interesting interview!
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Baie sterkte aan jou Groot Lem. Glo is julle uiteindelik besig om al die "ou hout" uit te kap met mense wat weet waaroor fietsry gaan. DIS GREAT EN BAIE STERKTE!!!!

Hou aan fietsry en moet tog nie eendag soos 'n "has been" lyk & praat nie!!!
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Ek kan nie M Slet bekostig nie. Het nie gesien nie.

Ek sal nog vir Latrinus uitvote, en die job vat.

Ek ry vets  40-49 in Argus tot Smitswinkel, Latrinus B bunch tot Chappies, dan drop ons seker. n Giro organiser wat Argus ry, skande! Oh yes, ek is asst commentator, oa bo op Vissershok.

Sien daar
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Sterkte aan ALBIE die "lemme"


Dankie dat julle help terug sit in die sport.


As die onlangse sukses van die Tour de Boland 'n aanduiding is, is ek oortuig die Giro del Capo en Latrinus se COO posisie sal ook 'n sukses wees.


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Ok So I don;t have MNET, DSTv or similar.

What was the gist of Latrinus interview?


National Seeding system? How, when, who, timing company equipment..




Transformation?  (ooo that ugly word...)
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