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KCNC road brakes any good?


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They are super light (168g for set) and not too expensive (approx $270 on eBay). I have found conflicting reviews on the net as to how well they stop. Anyone here used them?


Anyone know where to get them locally?



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As an alternative to the KCNC brakes you can try the Token calipers. Similar weight, cheaper price and better looking in my opinion. Mine work really well and i'm not exactly light.


By the way, are you the JDOGenie dude?


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Thanks for all the info guys. I will look at Token breaks as well.


Yes I was one of the guys involved with JDO Genie, not that I did anything other than code in those days! :) PM me your email .. funny where people show up!


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Can you use carbon brake pads with them?


In the box you find two typed of pads...


Brown and the green/orange ones...

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