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Topeak 140 Computer


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Hi there Boys and Girls. I'm just popping in to ask a quick question regarding my Topeak 140 Cyclo Computer.

After 2 years the battery has gone flat, and I replaced it. On the "user's manual" it states that you can re-enter your Odo (total km ridden), but it does not tell you how to do it.

For some strange reason I cannot get into the Topeak website.


Does anyone of you clever Hubbers know how to do it. Help will be greatly appreciated.
Wannabe2007-05-17 07:42:47
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What, two days now and no Answer yet!?Smile

I presume one of two things. 1) Either no one has the answer to my question.LOL 2) The Forum thinks, seeing that I have been off this Forum for so long I have to be punished, therefore no answer is forthcoming.Cry


Please prove me wrong on both counts and give me a proper solution to my problem.
Wannabe2007-05-17 07:47:54
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No experience with this computer, plus it took me about a week to work out my Polar HRM, so I'm not the best person to ask for advice!

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fandacious, for some or other reason my PC only comes up with a blank screen when I go to the topeak website. Must be some or other setting to be changed, or perhaps program I need to open it up. Either way, when it comes to this kind of things, I am slightly challenged.

Did you get the answer to your problem on their website?
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Looking at the 2007 C140 model instructions I am not sure that the odo reading can be re-entered,

1. All data will be cleared when replacing battery.

2. Replace BATTERY (13) as shown in Fig. C. Battery is LR44 (cross reference A76, AG13 or V13GA).

3. Initialize main unit. (Fig. E)

perhaps during the Intializing mode you may be able to, it looks like only the fixed settings like wheel circumference, clock settings ecetera can be entered


While re entering the wheel circumference see if you can navigate to the odo screen and enter the previous odo reading (if you know it?)



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The next model C150 has the function you are looking for, this is how they describe it for the C150


If you like pm me your email and I can send both the manuals to you as a pdf


A) A low battery indicator " " will appear when battery needs to be changed.

B) Change battery soon as stored data may be lost if battery is completely drained.

C) Before changing battery, write down stored data ODO1, ODO2, and T-TM. All data will be cleared when replacing

battery, however, this computer will allow you to re-enter your stored data.

D) Replace battery (15) as shown in

Fig. K. (Battery is CR2032)

E) Intitialize main unit.

(Fig. 1)

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I asked the question on there website. supercyc@icon.co.za


and got this reply:

To Whom It May Concern

Unfortuantely the manual in this regard is incorrect, only the Comp 130 has this facility to enter your ODO on replacement of batteries.
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