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  1. A gravel bike is all fun and games until you hit the corrugated roads on long races like the Trans Baviaans or 361. No thanks.
  2. No requirements except passing the fever scan at the airport entrance. The 100ml rule is only for international flights.
  3. Interesting, thanks. I've learned something today.
  4. Please offer discounted entries for Tygerberg Club members. You'll get a lot more entries that way. A lot of us are not willing to pay the full fee for trails we get to ride for free 364,5 days of the year.
  5. Anything in life costs money. Nothing can justify spending R60k pp for a week of pleasure (or suffering). But if you can afford it you can afford it then good for you. I'm certainly jealous, I would also love to do it, but I can extract more value from R60k than a week of cycling not to even mention the other add-on costs like nutrition and bike maintenance.
  6. Is it accurate to say that the people who parked on the field isn't mountain bikers? One could see before the start of the race that it's going to be a mudfest later on.
  7. Hayfever is back. Take a few pills and it's sorted
  8. The August rainfall is nothing out of the ordinary. See the long term averages. In fact, before last week's rain, the rain for August were way below the average....
  9. Trek replaced my frame within 10 days of handing in the cracked frame early 2020. And I got an upgrade. My Garmin 820 lasted 4 years and I sold it a few weeks ago due to the battery life getting shorter. The odometer read almost 20000km….
  10. Dropper posts only became more accessible and affordable since about 2017-2018. Before that some bike shops didn't even know what it was or they told you it's too expensive to stock it.
  11. Welcome to 2021. You've missed out on being in control of your bike for about 5 years now.....
  12. It's almost winter. You can't enter a race this time of year and expect it to be dry.
  13. Are you sure you hr monitor is working right? Battery might be getting flat.
  14. It definitely not suitable for tracking something in excess of a range of say 100m
  15. You haven’t included servicing, tyres, brakes, chains, cassettes etc in your calculations. A mtb doing mountain biking costs a lot more to maintain than one doing 95% tar all the time, as an example.
  16. At least R3.50/km to R4.50/km for me. Dual suspension.
  17. 12400km on GX cassette with no slip
  18. Bike setup is wrong. Saddle can be too low and too far back.
  19. Probably a software issue with the 520. Just wait for the next update or try to go back to the previous version and test.
  20. 11500km now on GX Eagle cassette with no slip on current chain at 2000km. Aiming for 12500 so let’s see.
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