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  1. Did a 60 km ride at 29 average this morning and had the same niggling pain . Ill need to visit the doctors if it continues .
  2. Surely the hose determine whether its front or back .
  3. No i did not as i followed my Physio instruction's to the T and when i started riding slowly in the first month and slowly built up my mileage .That referred pain you mention is something I've experienced before in my upper shoulder at the back . I fell badly and hurt my Rotator Cuff ( Not knowing it ) the pain was in my back but actually in the front .
  4. I rode two days without the Curve and the niggling pain was still there . So my conclusion is that its not the Curve GPS signal causing it . The pain is actually on the front of my Hip/top of leg /Groin . Were your pocket of your pants are . ( If that explains it ) . So i started checking obvious faults that can occur . This is on my MTB that i use daily for doing my Urban Sprawl . (Pavements , tar , single track or anything that i need to ride on to stay away from traffic) Tomorrow im riding my road bike so will give feed back . 1) Saddle moved down ----No 2 )Saddle moved sideways ---No 3) Cleats moved----No 4 Cranks lose ---No 5) Frame bent ---No If there are any other that i need to check please feel free to suggest them .
  5. I use a Curve GPS tracker when i ride . Ive noticed that when i have it with me in my back pocket i have a niggling pain in my left leg were the replacement joint is . i have left it at home a few times and i dont get that irritation . Am i imagining that the signal that it emits is being absorbed by the metal joint and causing this irritation or as my wife said im looking for an excuse to say i sore after my ride 🚲 .Im expecting a lot of flack and maybe humorous 😊 answers but i can take it . Lets hear from Hubbers
  6. Ride , ride ,ride that's the way to go . TIME IN THE SADDLE is what its all about .
  7. Don't ever wash/clean away the OEM's lube that is put into the chain by the manufacturer. Using a wet or dry lube is your choice but that is all that's needed during its life .
  8. Is there not a restriction on how much further than the front bumper extends something is allowed to protrude past it . Visibility will also be a problem .
  9. The product is now owned by CRC Industries .https://q20.co.za/products/ They also sponsor a MTB team . Their Q Bike dry lube is tops .
  10. A tip for those filling through the valve . Put a bit of Vaseline on the valve /O ring before inserting it again . This keeps the valve sealant free and makes for easy pumping as well .
  11. I use ENDURO SEAL . Its locally manufactured comes in a 1litre bottle with handy filler bottle with ml . markings on . Last bottle i bought 6 months ago cost R390 at Sportsman's Warehouse .It does not create those marbles in the tire when it gets older . Seals instantly when our famous devil thorns dry out on the High Veld and you ride through a batch .
  12. Just do your 3km ride as often as possible but keep a mental record of your times from week to week . Then double up and so on untill you can do a comfortable 20 km in a hour . The rest will come naturally as you said you rode and were fairly fit so you know your own early limits .
  13. Just so unnecessary if all would just respect one rule of the road " Keep left ". Condolences to the cyclists family who was killed . I had a altercation with a young upstart driver this morning . Approaching a traffic light on red , i signaled that i was going to turn right and crossed the road to do so . I got sworn at by this young snot saying " you dont have a license disc get off the road " Well my reply was "@#%^(8&643)) I wont repeat it here . When i did U turn to confront him he sped away , tail between his legs .
  14. Use this man . Andrew 0823336406 or 0716899406 . He is a shock fundi .and in Centurion .
  15. Im a die hard and just love ridding a bike . The longest single stage races we had back in the 80/90s where 160 to 180 km . I only used my own raisins/dates /nougat and water .
  16. I had a left hip replacement in September last year from a fall . I was off my bike for 9 weeks as suggested by the surgeon and physiotherapist. The exercise i was given to do is essential as the strength you lose will only come slowly when doing those small movements and eventually they become bigger and easier and so you move on to the next set of exercises . Lifting your leg 25mm off the bed seems like a useless exercise but very necessary in the long run . I started riding my indoor bike at 9 weeks for 30 min twice a day for one week . I then got on my Mtb bike and rode 20 km daily for 2 weeks on the road .By the end of November i was riding 40 km daily and getting back to full strength and fitness . Listen and feel your body it will tell you if you overdo it ,then rest a day or two and get back on the bike and ride . I have ridden with a few guys with replacement's and the best coined fraise is "its a forgotten joint in a years time " In my case its exactly that as im doing 1300km monthly with no after effects at all . As one Hubber rightfully said avoid falling again .Good luck and keep pedaling .
  17. I heard about this today . SAPO has not cleared mail to Australia in over a year . https://www.businessinsider.co.za/south-african-post-office-mail-to-australia-on-qantas-repatriation-flight-2021-7
  18. Im old school when it comes eating on the ride . I buy long (200mm lengths ) of nougat and cut them up into 20mm blocks and freeze them . I use dates and big raisins combined with the nougat while riding if its longer than a 2 hour ride . In my small Tupperware container i also have a peanut butter sachet . I dont use supplement drinks only water and in all my years on a bike i have never had a cramp , hunger or a complete energy failure . Cost wise its not more than R5.00 per ride .
  19. Try Femco . They do a range of motors and also produce their own .https://local.infobel.co.za/ZA100700419-0118870953/femco_electrical-buccleuch_outlying.html
  20. Is this guy riding the Tour course unsupported . What is his name and how can one follow him ?
  21. I had a good month of riding and also a good month of eating in the evenings after dinner ( many muffins , cheese cake , scones and chocolate cake all baked by my wife ) I managed a 800grm loss but with winter here im happy to have lost weight .
  22. These guys are a bit far away from you but do excellent work. http://www.cover-tec.co.za/ or http://www.takla.co.za/products/takla-loadliners/
  23. The internals of those motors are designed for the rated power of that motor IE 250 ,350 watt etc . Its like super charging a standard motor on a car without upgrading the internals . It does not last long and then its a expensive repair .
  24. That looks like 24 spoke hub and rim so yes it should be a 2 cross lace to give it strength.
  25. Down slightly from last month but not what i expected . Im doing about 1350km a month with a calorie burn of about 1600 daily but eating too many times a day . After my morning 2.5hrs ride (+_ 50km ) i have a bowl ( one cup of oats with yogurt ). and then as my day progresses im in the fridge having a sip of cold drink or a piece of chocolate . My meals are normal and at regulated times but before bed i love a bowl of ice-cream or pudding my wife has made . So my calories burn comes to naught with my daily snacking . I think winter is going to be a challenge to keep the loss going .
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