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  1. Gee thanx guys. I think I have figure out how it works. Travel agent was the only one which could legitimately help me.
  2. Please link me to the right page to view said Bike Box dimensions? I have scoured their site for this...
  3. I called them and asked, they said the overall dimensions cannot exceed 150cm.
  4. Thanx for this. Yeah I am considering buying another bag for the second bike. These are just usually pretty expensive.
  5. This is a damn good idea! It seems like I will have to be a little bit more resourceful for this trip. But let's hope they don't give me hell. Worst case = sending the bikes back home from the airport and having someone bring them over for us once we are there.
  6. I have read the entire thread. Emirates updated their baggage allowance policy on 4 February. Things might have changed since that thread
  7. So I'm flying to Dublin Ireland next weekend. We have to pack 2x Luggage bags each, and then additionally take our bikes, packed in boxes. I have phoned them twice now, and their baggage policy makes it impossible to fly your bike over without paying $250US oversized baggage penalty. Their policy states: "Total dimensions (length + width + height) of each piece must not exceed 150cm (59 inches)." https://www.emirates.com/english/help/faq/214958/baggage-allowances-for-sports-equipment Please show me someone who can pack their bike in a box without exceeding 150cm total dimensions. This means that if we book an extra piece of luggage online, that's $160US and if the luggage exceeds 150cm you then pay for oversized luggage at another $250. So that's $310 just to take our bikes with to Ireland. That is basically half the price of our total airfare. WTF! If someone knows how to get over this hurdle, please help me out. I'm pulling my hair out here.
  8. Hey Guys, I have some stuff I want to get rid of, to further embrace minimalism. Stuff: Bar Ends, SPD Pedals (Need service), Helmet. I could post an ad for these things but it's a lot of admin to share contact details with someone and all that, so what I'm after is a LBS in Pretoria, or some sort of project where you can donate unwanted and unused bike gear. There must be some sort of place that helps get people pedalling? Any recommendations?
  9. Good Morning Hubbers! I have a pair of Greg Minnaar Hellcat Pro Clipless shoes. (Those pimp white ones) I am getting a pair of Flat Pedals delivered in this week, and want to try and make the switch and see how I manage without being planted to the bike permanently. I am in need of some "Cleat Plate Covers" like these ones: http://forums.mtbr.com/attachments/apparel-protection/1069549d1462961488t-five-ten-hellcat-plate-ciovers-801901.jpg http://forums.mtbr.com/attachments/apparel-protection/1069550d1462961562t-five-ten-hellcat-plate-ciovers-bottom.jpg It would be mighty fine if I could find some of these original ones to purchase online somewhere. Alternative option is to make some myself out of Pratley Frogs Eggs (Hand Mould-able Plastic) But I would follow up on any leads to get these originals. Cheers, Burgermeester \M/
  10. I wasn't a SRAM guys before getting this one, and I must say, I am pretty darn impressed. Rides beautifully smoothly and is real easy to get help online with setting up your own stuff. Their Youtube channel is real helpful! If you are considering making a shift (hehe) I would recommend the GX Eagle Drivetrain.
  11. For those interested: I did quite a bit of research on the matter and saw many international okes saying that SRAM will warranty it. I went to LBS (Hotspot Cycles) where Neil and the guys helped get the cassette to the local SRAM guys, since the cassette was used under what is deemed as "Normal Conditions", with an Eagle chain, and was only 3 months old, they decided to Warranty the Cassette for me. So... Case closed, SRAM is a pretty badass company and they look after their riders, it seems. So now I got a brand new cassette and all it cost me was the R225 Courier fee to and from Sram. Just goes to show. If you buy expensive things, always check the warranty first. If I had modified it in any way, they would have guaranteed told me that it's my own loss and they wouldn't have warrantied it. Thanx to those who gave me some constructive advice. To all the others, it was a hoot to read through this thread after the fact.
  12. Here's his number: 0847527157 He ships countrywide.
  13. Get in contact with Nic Venter, he did complete custom decals for my entire bike including rim decals, Rockshox Pike decals (With the right artwork just in another color), Pinstripes and a custom Mud Guard he had designed, decalled and cut himself. Really cheap and great workmanship: https://www.facebook.com/BallisticBikeArmour/
  14. BurgermeesterB


    https://www.foxracing.co.za/men/mtb/socks/ These socks offer to me the solution to exactly the problem you have... I'm a UK13 / Euro 49 so the big feet problems are real for me. A cheaper option are those Waffz socks on sale everywhere. They're also pretty nice and thin.
  15. Thanx for this, that's what I was hoping to do. The damage has been done, I know. But I will just have to live with it considering it's still pretty new. That will give me some time and I can get a new chain and replace both at the same time then.
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