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  1. If I want a sticker on my bike, I will put it there. If a shop wants to put a sticker on my bike, they can ask first. Most probably my answer will be no.
  2. Wade needs to show up, this thread can't lose momentum - Friday is nearly here!
  3. Hi Tyronne, your best bet atm is to ride in Marloth Park. It is very close to Ngwenya. Have a look on Strava for the different segments. The one segment is a lap around Marloth Park that is nearly 30km. On this lap you are on dirt roads for most of the time. During the second half you are riding next to/close to the Crocodile River and the Kruger Park. You usually see wildlife on this route.
  4. Nice! Best of luck with the channel.
  5. How could you let facts stand in the way of good marketing?!
  6. I have been using Fug It for a couple of months. Does it's job. Local product. Good price. No problems so far.
  7. Don't come and throw your Hub Police weight around here!
  8. Warm and windy, but very enjoyable ride in the Lowveld
  9. https://youtu.be/rRLkbNMwxsQ I thoroughly enjoyed this video by the Vegan Cyclist on bike packing. Eendag as ek groot is, sal ek leer hoe om 'n video te embed.
  10. As long as you don't want to stand in a queue to kiss Egbert you should be fine
  11. Any links available to watch the MTB highlights on Youtube? Asseblief en dankie!
  12. Congratulations - may it be a great year! P.S. Those guys in green are DUIDELIK!
  13. Awesome reading, thanks for sharing it with us!
  14. At that price point, I would go for those Titans. Ride them and as the parts wear out, replace them with something better.
  15. Was away from home and my bike for a couple of days - always great to log on to the Hub and visit this fred. 'Dale is head and shoulders above a lot of us mere mortals when it comes to photography (I really don't have the eye). Must say this pic is my favorite to date.
  16. But that magic spell only works if you are a dad
  17. Wayne is making an excellent point regarding the relationship between the community and trust in the classifieds. I do not contribute a lot, but enjoy reading what other people post. I got pulled into visiting the Hub daily by posts like Matt's "soapie" with al his bikes :-). I know it is not all NCR content, but you get to "know" people through their posts. Adding the NCR stuff to Bike Hub Plus seems like a great idea. All the best, Matt!
  18. Does it come with a tin foil layer inside to protect me against the 5G waves?
  19. You are onto something. Admin also want us to stop pestering them about comments on the classifieds. (Comic Sans)
  20. Maybe have a look around in the classifieds. This is the first one that popped up: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/rear-derailleurs/476783/shimano-xt-rear-deraileur-m786 Hope you get it sorted soon!
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