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  1. I think that you should get these:
  2. This is definitely the consensus from all of the gravel forums that I have read. The skin-wall colour is on point too.
  3. Hmmm, this kind of topic normally elicits subjective responses, but here is my 2c from my own experiences: - I've run the slick Panaracers in 42c, which were crap unless on paved roads - I currently run the WTB resolute 42c which are incredibly grippy on all surfaces, but I'd say the sacrifice here is that the soft compound wears quickly - Needless to say I just ordered my second set - A friend of mine is running the Maxxis Ramblers in 40c (these measure out at 42c with a vernier) and seem to be great all-round tyres that wear very well. No skin-wall option in SA. - Did some research last week before ordering my Resolutes and the Panaracer Gravelkings still seem to rain supreme on all of the reviews and forums, I just don't quite like the look of them myself. Hope this helps rather than confuses.
  4. Happy to report to those interested that I have now run this setup on my Slate for over 1,000km with no issues whatsoever and no signs of any sort of unusual wear. The setup works perfectly on 11 through to 40 on both 36 and 52 chain rings. If you were tentative about such an upgrade, I say fear not. The only thing that I stress is that you consider chainstay length.
  5. Humans are weird. Very cool thread though, thanks for taking the time to post.
  6. And corporate sponsorship that will never return after being burnt but the doping mountain bikers of this era.
  7. Yes, indeed. Not sure about the stress on the derailleur, but an aftermarket appendage didn't appeal to me. Time will tell if my setup works in the long term.
  8. I looked into the aftermarket Roadlink, but part of me felt that this was a hack. I was intent on finding an off-the-shelf solution.
  9. Based on the findings of a guy that posted his video on Youtube, it gave me the confidence to change the short cage Ultegra derailleur to a long cage RX version on my Cannondale Slate, and slap on a 40 SLX cassette. The maximum cassette size stipulated by Shimano for Ultegra is a 34 (Ultegra). I desperately needed this conversion to work - the standard cassette that came with the bike was a 28 which combined with 52/36 chain rings offered many ratios, but none favourable for the type of climbing and distance which I have in mind. My local gravel route has many 20% plus gradients. Thankfully the conversion seems to be a success, with no issues when changing up and down through the cassette under any circumstances. The setup also works perfectly under load. The biggest surprise perhaps is that the chain length required still allows me to run small/small and big/big combinations. Time will tell if any flaws show when the setup is worn, but honestly its hard to see why it shouldn't wear and function normally. My only alternative to this would have been a full groupset change to Sram Force which would have been monumentally expensive, and would not have given me the best of both worlds in terms of ratios - I ride on the road quite a bit with the bike. Hopefully this post helps out those either stuck with a Shimano setup on their gravel bike, or those looking for more ratios on their current Ultegra / 105 setup. I would be cautious though, I think that this setup may be sensitive to chain stay length - This is only 405mm on my large Slate. Here is a link to the video for reference - I can post pics if anyone wants to see the finished product - It looks quite OEM
  10. I had to bring it in via a friend. Canyon would not supply the kids bikes to SA because of some sort of trade embargo - Go figure.
  11. I recently imported the Canyon Offspring 16' for my boy after doing much research. The Offspring range caught my attention for three reasons: - The cockpit is specifically engineered for children - The components are proper - for example the bike came equipped with Sram Level brakes, also has a two speed Sram auto hub - The bikes are height specific - I thought this was an intelligent approach They have a 20' option that will be his next bike for sure https://www.canyon.com/en/kids/ Check it out
  12. I had weird heart issue last year which precipitated a few days in hospital to investigate. My only advice is that you see a cardiologist that has experience with athletes, I suffered a few frustrations with this and my cardio was quite old school.
  13. Not so surprised by the suave wanker on his Specialized. I am surprised however at such eloquence on Bikehub.
  14. He needs to receive a punch to the kidneys that Chuck Norris advocates in his self help videos. I think I still have a copy on VHS, will watch and practice.
  15. Myself and another mate both had issues with our first GX derailleurs, tried multiple hangers to solve it to no avail. Eventually changed the derailleur in desperation for a new one on stage 3 of Epic which solved the problem entirely. My LBS returned the old derailleur to the supplier for a full refund. They had also made other such returns, XO affected too from what i'm told.
  16. Only to happen again and again by my experience.
  17. I'm 65kg and cracked both of the Mk3 Crests on my Scalpel Si 3. I have had the rear rim replaced thrice. I replaced the rear two days before Epic, had to replace it the week after Epic. Recent inspection concluded that it needs to be replaced again. Never, ever again - Carbon hoops next.
  18. Been there, done that. Problem was the Ant+ dongle and its proximity to the trainer. Sort it out.
  19. Sorry to have missed it, will definitely join next week. P.S. Route choice was great - need to chuck in climbs to even things out.
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