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  1. Have you tried switching it off and back on again...?
  2. I will let you know. Now I am curious as well. It will definitely benefit from the lack of 'multi-speed parts'.
  3. Thank you, never even considered weight. Is that a thing with steel bikes? Would be interesting to find out though.
  4. Finally put all the pieces of the puzzle together. I had a lot of fun with this build. Learned a lot and made good friends along the way.
  5. Welcome Shafeek! Good luck in your search. Being in the Cape, I think you are in good hands here on the forum. Make sure you get the right size bike. Also take into account that you may need some extras (helmet, pedals (sometimes not included in the deal), bottle cages, bottles etc.)
  6. If I don't say it, someone else will - If you are willing to buy second hand, perhaps also have a look at the classifieds on here. Depending on your size, you may just be lucky. Also, since you are considering buying new, I recommend checking in with the shops whether they have stock in the size you want.
  7. Valuable info, thank you very much. I have since established that the rims can accommodate maximum 28's. I will probably settle for something like this: (or not?) https://www.cyclelab.com/product/vittoria-zaffiro-iv-road-tyre Edit: or rather Thickslick tyres..?
  8. Well done! And many happy kilometers! I am just a bit jealous. Let us see dad's bike as well.
  9. This helps, thank you. How do I find out where on the scale this frame fits in? Can I send you a pic?
  10. Welcome MongooseMan, please keep us posted. While I cannot comment at all on the quality of the Rook, I can guarantee your street cred will increase exponentially overnight! Happy shopping.
  11. Thank you for the input. Where does the width become a problem on the rear wheel, I suppose where the chainstays start narrowing?
  12. Hi, I am still busy with my single speed commuter project and I need to consider tire options. I don't have old road tire lying around so I am looking at buying a basic set of road tires. My thinking is to rather go with a wider tire for commuting. Does anyone know what is the widest I can go on a steel Hansom road frame?
  13. I was thinking exactly the same thing! Cheers!
  14. UPDATE: I took a chance and ordered this little jar from TakeAlot and it fits perfectly! Not bad for a R43 fix. I am happy to be grinding again. https://www.takealot.com/bormioli-rocco-quattro-jar-250ml/PLID53188273
  15. I had a Titan Drone Comp for a short while before it got stolen and if I had the choice and given the opportunity, I would take exactly the same bike again.
  16. Thank you all, I have also contacted Cape Coffee Beans and apparently Hario do not ship replacement parts. Another supplier is currently looking for me. I have also read that some mason type jars may have the same neck size and thread. The search for anything that will fit, continues.
  17. Hi, does anyone know where I can find a replacement glass jar for a Hario Skerton Plus manual coffee grinder?
  18. I picked these up yesterday from Barry, who just happened to be at the right place at the right time. Thank you Barry, you are one of the good ones!
  19. Looking for a pair of downtube shifter cable stops or boss covers.
  20. Does anyone know where I can get either downtube shifter boss covers or downtube shifter boss stops that I can convert as above?
  21. Thanks guys, I will give it a go at what I have. Since I have the 42/52 and I see now I have a 17 for the rear, I will try the 42/17 and work from there. Yes 700c wheels on a steel road frame. 😎
  22. Thank you, I would prefer a comfortable slower ride where I can manage the hills. At the moment I am not looking at high speeds.
  23. Revisiting a previous thread. I am in the process of building a single speed (not fixed) commuter / fun bicycle. I have a double blade crank with a 42 / 52 combination. What ratio would you recommend for general playing around and short commutes. I stay in Centurion Pretoria.
  24. Very nice! Wishing you many happy rides (and no flats).
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