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  1. did the same on my 2014 spark. used the FD port upfront quik and easy. there is a little door just above the BB under neath.. open it up to help guide the cable. works like a charm.
  2. exact same issue i had lol. glad its sorted.
  3. HI, i had exact same issue with my Ultegra 11spd. Eventually decided t check what was happening. all the other gears indexed perfectly. Decided to pull the cable out (also internal routing) at the shifter and thats where i saw the cable started "fraying" inside the shifter and would not let it shift into the smallest gear. replaced and lubed a new cable also cleaned the old existing housing. Its 100% now. hope this helps. ps. make sure there are no small bits of dirt or old cable in the shifter.
  4. +1 for debbie @dynamicbikefit
  5. damn its looks like it is. pick up a cop at athlone saps and go and collect it.
  6. 29 maxwell street. kempton Park, i think. thats what i searched on google maps.
  7. I had a smiliar if not exact exp. Also husband and wife story and the paypal requests. Exactly the same lines as u posted above. I asked a few questions as to what camera they were going to use the camera lenses on....as they didn't even ask about condition or reason for sale. Just wanted to buy it. H even wanted me to send it via PnP aramex bag.... i just ignored him. The supplied address also showed some creepy place in GP. The best part is " i wont be accepting the parcel myself, my doorman will be" scammers on FB marketplace.
  8. Thanks for this. Will give it a try. Thought maybe my setup was not correct or maybe that I should of just gone with the xt.
  9. Hi, anybody have a B class merc with a clip on bike rack to the rear tailgate? which one are u using.? trying to find any info online but cant seem to. TIA
  10. go 1 x 12. price difference is so small vs 1x11. I went with the SLX upgrade kit with Sunrace casette 11-51. and a 34 oval upfront. That was from a 3x10 SLX system. im loving it. No need to change freehub. plus the 34t upfront is good enough for the flats. Check the gear ratio calculations and see if u happy with what u will get. current vs upgrade.
  11. i used old washers that i had to space it up as i couldnt tighten the exixting bolts up with new lyne chainring as a temp fix. Went and bought new spacers so that i could use the old bolts. else had to but new shorter bolts. hope this make sense. this was on my shimano XT crankset, M780
  12. ps. u will need chain ring bolts spacers too. or other bolts. at least i needed them.
  13. Hi. im busy with the same conversion atm. I bought the shimano slx upgrade kit with sunrace cassette and bought the lyne components 34T oval 104bcd chain ring. Chainring already fitted to the 10spd XT crank. My 12spd gruppo is still on the way. bike is running smooth with the old 10spd cassette. Fitted to a Scott 920 2013 model. it was also a 3x10.
  14. been using Madaji milking cream ( from Dischem) for years now. cheap too. came recommended by the hub a while back.https://www.google.com/search?q=madaji+milking+cream+benefits&rlz=1C1ASVA_enZA753ZA753&oq=madaji+milking+cream&aqs=chrome.0.0j69i57j0.11125j0j8&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  15. also make sure the rim is clean properly. especially where the bead should rest. a good scrub with a brush usually does the trick.
  16. im sure PPA can help with a few contacts in the development area's.
  17. Hi, i had a friend with a similar issue. his problem was the adapter. somehow it had a break in it. The moulded part. if i remember correctly its a 13 pin to 7 pin adapter. i googled the adapter and checked the wiring myself. i then tested the adapter with a multimeter and found the problem. hope this make sense. also a vw. https://www.google.com/search?rlz=1C1ASVA_enZA753ZA753&biw=1600&bih=789&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=vs5SXdGtAoXagwf9_ov4AQ&q=13+pin+towbar+socket+to+7+pin+trailer+plug+adaptor+south+africa+wiring&oq=13+pin+towbar+socket+to+7+pin+trailer+plug+adaptor+south+africa+wiring&gs_l=img.12...4342.6033..8853...0.0..0.323.1858.2-6j1......0....1..gws-wiz-img.iC12kJmEQZs&ved=0ahUKEwjRhI3ZjIDkAhUF7eAKHX3_Ah8Q4dUDCAY#imgrc=D7O4ZsvhzVuwbM:
  18. i was 18 years with vodacom and made the move to Telkom 2 months ago. Reception has been good. data was good. i went to Citrusdal recently and the phone automatically switched to roaming. reception and data was a bit slowly then. i believe that Telkom roams on Vodacom since 1 July and no longer MTN. i did however manage to cut my bill down by almost 50% ( 4 contracts)
  19. try and find Chaoyang tyres. they cheap and damn good. buddy did epic on them https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/159457-chaoyang-tyres/page-9?hl=chaoyang
  20. I had a set of them R Sys. Until i was bike jacked. loved them and miss them :-(
  21. Rondebosch / East,Kenwyn,Claremont, Kenilworth are all well sought after. close to top schools and UCT. properties seldom stand empty or even take long to sell. massive demand from the joberg'ers and Durban folk. We own 3 properties in the area and get 10% increase easy. without the tennants counter offer. As for bank interest rate i got -1.95% in 2008. my banker told me not to close my access bond as i will never get this rate again.
  22. Before i had a garmin, I used Strava on my samsung. I bought a BLE( bluetooth low energy) heart rate strap, paired with my phone with no issues. It was a Runtastic Heart rate strap. I'm going to be putting it in the classifieds soon.( just saying). just make sure your mobile device has BLE feature.
  23. Great buy. She did like that one the most. She went with her heart. lol. The Trek was surprisingly heavy. nice meeting u. the other guy in the shop... now im waiting for my baby to come on friday...
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