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  1. Having lost interest in the Hub, i only returned to look for a 2nd hand bike then also browsed around again. Honestly it seems that all threads that are not sales related should be prevented form being started. Just to save time you know, seeing as they get locked so quickly. Anyway, now I know it is a sale forum for sure.
  2. Si interesting to see that the mandatory "Baggies" are not so baggy anymore. Very close to normal cycling gear.
  3. That seems like a deal, Contact them and then let me know if it is still up for grabs. I will pay the 500 zar. I will also arrange and pay for shipping but don't have time for servicing etc. and wheel /rim replacement. I am sure the hub can do the rest. Also rather spend the money you have on a "helmut" and lock etc. to keep things safe. DM me if you want to move this along.
  4. Try here, I am also watching after the fact. https://tiz-cycling.io/video/mountain-bike-world-championships-2021-full-race-xco/ Just remember to whitelist on your add blocker and be careful of ads.
  5. Seems normal. On our last TB I went and purchased a 2 plate stove which we used for the whole night as a heater. Even then the water bottles standing in the room froze over the top of the water. Strongs guys. I am entered but cant make it so .........
  6. You don't need to pack anything in the boxes. If you are starting early you will have your lights and all clothing on yourself or bike. The issue in the past was you started at 10:00 and rode into the night. So most put lights and warm clothing in the boxes. There is no need for anything else in the boxes. We have not used boxes for the 4 x TB. People make a bigger thing of it than need be.
  7. To me the biggest issue is non enforcement of the law period. We need to go with the broken window approach, no crime is too small etc. Enforce and convict, then move up the ladder. (I will be one of those caught and convicted) But as long as there are no consequences who cares what the laws state. Same nonsense as going to 0% blood alcohol. What good is it having it on the statutes, but not enforced. Rather have reasonable laws that ARE ENFORCED. Then you will see compliance and a eventualy enforcement will be less needed as the masses will abide and self enforce. Sad thing is we are in cowboy country and anything goes no matter what the law states.
  8. But who considers the Argus or 94.7 as an event that needs serious fueling. It is a 3 hr ride so fuel up before take a gel or 2 and be done (A bar-one/nought etc will also work). From what I gathered these guys were talking fueling for 200 to 2,000 km rides. Damn even the DC is now 3 sprints with refueling stops. And don't get me started on the S2S, J2C, TB etc. Here all you need is what they give. It is Friday so let's be real here.
  9. Much better way of addressing the issue of the sponsor content. Well done, now we should at least all click on the link to make the sponsor happy.
  10. My Opinion: We are getting to the point that the snowflakes rule the world and the rest just need to shut up. I am so over this nonsense and will no longer fit in to cosset the snowflakes. Enough is enough. The should follow rule 5. This is true for most people in life, even these snowflakes that feel they can't cope with life and try to take their lives. Now don't go all righteous on me now and say I don't understand, I do and I am tired of all this nonsense. I have lost an uncle and almost my wife (I got home in time to rush her to hospital) and have also contemplated it a few times in the last while. We are too accepting and accommodating these days. I believe we we force people to HFU as kids we would be in a much better place.
  11. Here is the rub, a hard tail will cover anything you would want to ride unless you are going to go bombing down Black Diamond trails. It will be a bit bore white knuckle that is all. That said, any dual susser will cover 150% of what 90% of so called had core MTB's call heavy trails. I have never had the fortune of being able to own a dual susser of any kind and I am never left on the gnarly trails. HOWEVER!!!! I have ridden an XC bike on gravel roads with corrugations and soft grass fields, THAT IS WHERE the suss comes into its own. So If you are going to be riding mostly gravel travel with a few normal single tracks an XC bike is more than you need. Better question is, what is the budget and what is the bike with the best, lightest components you can get. AND one that feels comfortable the moment you get on it and turn the pedals. To me that is what you should use as the measure. Simple!
  12. So how come this off topic thread has not been shut down? The mind boggles. Maybe we can use this as the catch all.
  13. But he ain't going up, rather down. that changes the metrics a bit I would say.
  14. I will leave this here..... https://pedalchile.com/blog/light-wheels#:~:text=“Light weight wheels accelerate faster,on rolling roads and trails. GCN has also done tests and results are similar. Lighter wheels unless kg's lighter are going to make no real difference.
  15. WTAF!!! What has happend to the pricing? How is this even possible? Where is the value? Oh, wait we have people prepared to pay for image. I give up.
  16. No but they buy into the marketing hype that is created to push prices up. It is what it is.
  17. Because they want us to all go away. Ho be honest, I have been a member of this site since the start but the last 9 months have seen me ignore it due to too much moderation, changes and nonsense. Ho well another face the advertisers will loose. The site has become a sale platform, nothing more nothing less. No sense of community and too many snowflakes. @Matt, good-luck, I am sure this has probably been your plan for a while. Problem is, other sales/review platforms are coming online and then what happens....... You become just another one out there. You or your advertisers won't see me much any more as the only time I come here is to look for an item that may be on sale if and when I need it.
  18. Please note that the alarm going off is as a result of your alarm battery being kaput. You will hear it as the power comes back on and alarms in your area start sounding you know that these batteries are also klaar. Builders have them for about 300zar. Problem solved for the next 6 months.
  19. Well it is the new golf after all. Mind you even golfers brave the elements. So ja. Why eve bother enter races anymore if they are going to canceled at the drop of a hat/rain/whatever. Next they will cancel because of heat, wait this has also been done, or maybe next time because someone did a scout of the route and found a stone in the path.
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