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  1. A recent review; https://www.bikeradar.com/reviews/components/brakes/disc-brake-systems/shimano-bl-mt501-mt520-disc-brake-review/ for what it’s worth I have the 4 pot SLX brakes and they have been brilliant. None of that wondering bite point poo I had on my previous XT brakes.
  2. Me and the wife stayed there a few months back, didn’t take the bike though. Look that place is next level mooi.
  3. Good question. All I can say is that I have two merino long sleeve base layers that I bought for cycling, but I wear them all the time when I am at home in the winter. Also, you don’t need to wash them much.
  4. The Core Merino stuff is good. I have a sleeveless vest and a long sleeve base layer and they are really nice. Made on China though……
  5. This looks exactly like the Avalanche branded pump I have. Bought it about 8 years ago, just recently the presta portion of the chuck failed, been looking for a replacement chuck but they cost more than R150.
  6. I have a very good mate who comes from Trieste, which borders Slovenia and has historically been in and out of Italy. We have a running joke (going on for about 15 years now) where I call him Slovakian.
  7. Looking forward to this. Tour GC this year is not the most exciting, if we have Roglic, Pogacar, Bernal and Remco at the Vuelta it is gonna be super exciting to watch.
  8. Back to the original topic. I faced this choice not long ago, the decision was made for me when I got a set of 350s with the freehub I required (microspline) for cheap. If they were the same price I would go Hope, just because changing the bearings in DT rear hub is a pain and needs specific tools etc. Will be a long time before this bites me, but I know I will be cursing then. I don’t let bike shops work on my bike, so I am gonna have to fork out for the tools.
  9. Yeah with 25mm tires on the rear I only have just less than 5mm space on either side. Removing the rear wheel is a bit of a pain too.
  10. On my old Hansom I have 25mm tires, at least for the rear I don’t think I can go wider than that.
  11. Hmpf this tour is gonna be boring, and for the next 5 years too
  12. Finally! I have been waiting for someone to make those things cool and we all know Lachlan is the epitome of cool. Could use a pair of those cleated shimano slops for riding with my laaitie. Come to think of it, maybe it is better if they aren’t cool, at least I can embarrass the laaitie then.
  13. If you think about it both Patrick Lefevere and Cav have similar attributes, no wonder they work well together. Mark has never had the power numbers of other sprinters, and wasn’t taken seriously because of it at the beginning of his career. Patrick doesn’t have the budget of some of the other big teams. Both make up for it with their skill and craft. That’s why Cav won today, Bouhanni was flying on the outside, but he had already got boxed in. Cav positioned himself perfectly. Amazing the team spirit Patrick has in that team.
  14. This made my day. Where are the “it’s only the tour of Turkey” naysayers now.
  15. Dunno if Raleigh Carlton is the same as Carlton but this sure does bring back some good memories. I had a Carlton track bike when I was a laaitie in the 90s. Some dude was just using it to go to school and I bought it off of him. Full chrome with the three colour bands, Campy crank, all original stuff, even the plastic track saddle and proper shape track bars. Got a set of awesome wheels from Basil Cohen’s little trading shop in Venterspost. Gipiemme special hubs and red Ambrosio tubby rims, Basil always gave a cash strapped laaitie a deal. We used to race Wes Transvaal track at Bob van Rheenen stadium in krugersdorp and Wes Drie mine track. I sucked but it was huge fun. It sat at my moms place, then about 10 years ago a mate wanted to ride track, I let him have it, he never used it and emigrated to Canada last year with it, the bugger. One of my greatest regrets is not being able to restore that bike to new.
  16. Well being a 24 year old locked in a hotel room with your girlfriend (both with minor symptoms) doesn’t sound too bad to me. Especially with his hectic lifestyle, and after just winning the giro. Pretty sure he will be seeing the bright side of this.
  17. I too had a 2014 Epic, only replaced her late last year, put many many kms in on that bike. I had a similar issue once, in fact in my first year of owning the bike, but I had been a touch past the recommended full service interval. Unfortunately it failed the day before the Sani Dragon, so I rode up Sani pass bobbing like a pimps car on the strip, coming down was also interesting. Sent it in for service, they did the usual swap out at the usual price, issue had nothing to do with the brain, sometimes we think the problem must be with what is different. I actually like the spez brain shock service practice of swap out. In my experience no matter how buggered the shock is, you always pay the same, and I did at least 7 rear shock services with that bike with them. The cost was also always comparable or less than my fork service. I did however get a nasty surprise and bill from Rockshox for the fork service once because they had to replace the damper. Spez brain service was also always faster, usually had it back in a week vs two weeks for the fork. Must admit at first I didn’t like the swap out at all, it just felt wrong, but after doing it multiple times and seeing the benefit I changed my mind on that.
  18. Thanks Fanie, that is then my problem, I don’t exist on vleisbook.
  19. Anyone know where we can find the race photos? Got snapped a couple of time on route, but can’t find them.
  20. That was hard. Conditions were good, no excuses. It was just bloody hard. Why does everyone go on about rooiberg and totally ignore the first 40km after Calitzdorp (last stage), that was super sucky. Stoked I have done it, never ever again.
  21. I consider just being at the start line a win. With all the uncertainty and just extra stuff that could go wrong this year, and with last years disappointment still fresh in my mind, I will be celebrating at the start line if I get there. My biggest worry now is getting ill before Friday, dik paranoid.
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