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Help Identifying a Colnago - Pics!!


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I found a Colnago a while back , recognised it from you guys ranting & raving about them.

Was/am planning on making a SS , although after riding it a few times I realise I forgot how dangerous racing bikes are and riding up pavements to escape bus's is not par for the course!!


What you guys say about this?

Age , model possibly , I know diddly squat about race bikes and google hasn't been to helpful :











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I wish I could help you.


This is a piece of rubish bike. I will offer you R150.00 rand for it if you delete this post before any other person sees it ... I will even fly to Durban and all to collect ... :)


Lovely ride you have there ... look after her, as one of my biggest regrets was selling my old steel Eddy Merckx

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All i can say is that it is fugly. I'll take it off yr hands and that way you do not have to stress about identifying what model it is.

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Early 90's. "Thron" was slightly more of a budget tubeset.


The thron tubes were pretty standard and most manufacturers would just buy the tubes off the shelf from columbus. You should find quite a lot of information on the tubeset. (just don't make your search colnago specific.)


Very nice condition with mostly original parts.


Should sell quickly. Not sure on price but as a guideline start at around R 3000.00. Sorry, R2500 (just an opinion, please don't shoot me down)


Size looks like a 55cm, and in those days that was considered small, so hence the 170 crankset.

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Thanks for the info chaps , I'll let you know how things work out.

I'm going to take it on a few more rides and see if I can work with a road bike.

Its 100% mechanically good - I was quite surprised how sweetly she flys , its got something about it that just feels right , rather like a Morewood shova!!!!! whistling.gif

clap.gif clap.gif

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The fork belongs to a nag. But the frame isn't a nag.

Its been resprayed and the lugs are are not colnago lugs. They should be a bit more elaborate: often an embellished tip and mostly the club symbol in the lug. The underside of the BB should carry the biggest clues about the frame.

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Good quality pics though!

Need one of the top of the rear brake bridge.

More clarity on the fast back stay configuration and

the bottom of the BB.


The short 45deg rear drop outs are also interesting, and I would be inquisitive to know if there is any thing written on the dropout when you remove the wheel.


It's a good frame (especially with a racing number braze on) but not yet sure which make.

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And no one picked up on the fact that its had a re-spay by CycleArt?


EDIT, woops, I see HeartCoppi did mellow.png


Bike has some interesting bits on it.

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Here we go :

















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Skylark, She's a beaut! Looks genuine to me, identical to my first steel Colnago which I bought from Alan van Heerden Cycles in the late 90's. Mine was a steel frame just like this, identical lugs and identical straight fork, which was a Colnago trademark which other manufacturers have now copied.

I was priveledged to help-out in Alan's shops on some Saturdays, and spent many hours as a youngster admiring all these frames. The fork & frame lugs look genuine to me, including the rear drop-outs. I could put you in touch with some of Alan's ex-staff members who could possibly scrutinise further.


Just a note on the gear 'downshifter' levers - this will give you a chronological clue - when Shimano moved away from STI gear levers (like your Shimano 600 levers pictured) and combined gears into the brake levers, frames of the day dropped the braze-on bosses for the STI levers because they were no longer needed. From this, I would hazard a guess that your bike must be circa late 1980's.

I noticed the rear drop-outs on the IMG_4579.JPG do not match your first pictures - perhaps this is not the same frame.


I can also offer comment about the guy at Cycle Art - he re-spreayed an old Alpina frame for me back in the 80's and he did such a superb job. He usually did some research and on an expensive imported bike like your Colnago, he would usually only re-spray to a historically accurate spray-job which was originally used by the factory in Italy.

Hope this helps you!

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@ Jagermeister , thanks for your great story man!

All pics are from the same bike/frame , not too sure which dropout you pointing out - maybe copy the 2 pics and post them side by side


Colnago have a clover cut out under the BB not a round hole.


True most of them did but apparently a good number of them did not - The Italians didn't use the razor sharp production techniques of the Japanese and serial numbers and various identifying features were often haphazardly if at all put onto frames.


Maybe someone with more colnago experience can put another couple cents in though?

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Colnago have a clover cut out under the BB not a round hole.

This is true but only on the later models. This is probably mid to late 80's. Absolute classic. Only diff I see is who ever had it upgraded bits here and there. The rear derailer was the newer version 600 with the multi colour sticker later to become known as ultegra. Brakes and shifters are correct with what I predict is the year of manufacture.

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