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Fixie Project


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So after watching Premium Rush on DSTV last month I decided I'd like to build a fixie.

Maybe I'll do a Critical Mass or 2 on it, but I kinda had the idea of having it on my study wall, perhaps make a massive picture frame to hang it inside, like a piece of "art", but functional should I like to ride it.


It's an unbranded ally track bike frame brought in and raced by Wendell Bole from Rietvlei/Thaba Trails/The Cycle Hub a few years back.

It's not steel, so not a purist's cup of tea, but I have a whole bunch of old school parts that are going on it, with a few modern ally parts too. A bit of a retro ride I guess, mixing the class of classic Campy track parts with the weight saving of an ally frame, rims and crankset.


Started off by stripping 6 layers of paint off with Removeall.


Quite a lot of elbow grease required to get every last speck of paint off.


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Jeez. That looks WAY more labour intensive then my frame refurb. Just keep keep reapplying RemovAll, rub down, reapply. Eventually it all comes off.

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Yeah the 1st coat I applied I left over night so it had dried by the morning. Scraped a layer off then re-applied the stripper and then pretty much wiped the rest of the paint off. The most work was getting every little speck of primer out of all the grooves in the welds. I wanted a super clean frame as I dunno if I want to spray it or have it anodized. I've decided on a colour, just need to choose which way to go.


After an hour of scrubbing it with sugar soap and steel wool, and scraping the welds...

It's a lot cleaner now than in this pic.


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These parts are at Sheffield Electroplating to get chromed and/or polished.

Bars are Cinelli Criterium bars.

Chainwheel set is a Miche Pista item.

Campy seatpost.

All gonna be polished to a high gloss finish.




The fork is made by a company called Faggin.

That and the seatpost clamp are steel so will be chromed.



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Wheels are made up of Mavic Open Pro SUP 36 hole rims in a sweet gunmetal colour, Classic Campy record track hubs and polished silver spokes.

Put a set of 28c tyres on. from a distance they look a bit like deep section wheels, until I buy a set of actual deep sections.



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Eventually collected my parts from Sheffield Electroplating.

Should have come with a jar of Vaseline but I can't complain about the job. Parts look flippen awesome. Pics don't do them much justice.




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Love the wheels as they are - esp the hubs!


Keep it simple, no need to try make it stand out. It will do that as is!

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