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Expert advice on three *new* MTB options


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Good Day All,


I'm new to this ever growing community. I suppose I can say a lot but I will try to highlight the important points:


I am 173cm tall, looking for a 650b new MTB.


I have done a lot of reading and filtered down to a select few bikes. I understand the pros and cons of buying new vs second hand. It boils down to peace of mind buying new, and getting decent discounts from a nearby LBS.


Are there any experienced guys that can comment on the below 3 bikes component-wise, and which appears to be the better bike? The primary use is recreational riding in an estate on light trails.


Silverback Slade 4 - R5,650:



Titan 650b Sport - R6,300:



GT Karakoram 3.0 (as a 29er trump card) - R6,800:



If I haven't provided enough info please do ask!


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no one replied! you are in the low end and your first bike so if you got it wrong it won't be a 'costly mistake'


they will all probably have low end components so it doesn't matter.My road bike has entry level Sora groupset and it is 8yrs old and no problems. The tiagra on my brothers bike, same age went through 2 derailers already.


take the 29er which is the lightest.


once the bug bit you will be looking to upgrade soon :clap:

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If you have enough "mula" to buy low end now, soon to be replaced with something better/more suitable and then to start a process of component upgrade, then go for it (personal preference GT). I suggest you rather throw in a few more Randellas and buy a little higher up the bike-chain.

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Ok. I went to all three links and I think I must agree with the previous comments. I'm not saying that you need top end stuff, its just that its worth going a small step up the chain. I had SLX on my first bike and it was awesome. Steer clear of 8x3 groupset. Silverback usually have the best specs per pricerange on their bikes.

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I have an entry level MTB bike that I bought in 2005 that has an 8 x 3 groupset and it is still going strong. I have had no problems with the drivetrain at all. I do probably 60 to 90kms per week on it and I'm still riding with the same cassette and chain (although it is due for a replacement). The bike has seen it's fair share of MTB races too.


Out of the 3 you have listed, Silverback is probably the best. I haven't checked the links, but Silverback is known for their value for money (the best spec for your money). Silverback also have the best after sales service in SA.


Another bike to add to your list is the new 650b Momsen. A local brand that is also known for good value. They have a stunning polished aluminium one for about R6 900.

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It boils down to peace of mind buying new, and getting decent discounts from a nearby LBS.



Just recognise that margins on bikes like this are very narrow and "decent discounts" on current models are few and far between

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I bought a Scott Aspect 10 a couple of years back and in my opinion one of the best entry level bikes to hit the shelves. Did a lot of races on it and even a stage race. Would probably still be riding it if it wasn't donated to the less privileged one morning from the back of my car. :unsure:


My opinion, maybe add some dough and get something that is adequately specced. Even if it is something 2nd hand that is well looked after. You will enjoy it a whole lot more than on something that is going to give you trouble in the long run.


Personally I'm a bit bias towards the GT, but that is just personal opinion. I have moved from Scott to Giant and haven't looked back.


Everybody has their personal opinion and likes and dislikes, the best way is to get on the bikes and ride them before you decide, if it is possible.


Good luck... no matter what you decide on... there is no feeling that beats the feeling that you get from hitting a trail on your machine's maiden voyage.

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