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Ibis HD 26 vs Specialized Enduro 29

Iwan Kemp

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Interesting reading on one guy's experience on the two bikes. NOT MEANT TO FLARE UP THE WHOLE FREAKING DEBATE AGAIN, but rather just to share another perspective.


Update on my HD vs Enduro 29 Experiment



That's a Wrap


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That conversation is almost exactly "the feeling I get when I look to the.." mountain and think about the style points to be earned.


This writeup puts the wheel size debate in the realm of speed or enjoyment which is what some people still consider when choosing a bike.


29; strava king!

26; ooh, look at that rock, and that one, and that one, and that one!

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Hmmmm, Im afraid you have not been reading the cycling mags, iterwebs, watching the pros on TV and listening to the reps - a 26er is now worthless junk. It should not be possible to even ride one, let alone try match strava segments with 29ers. Your gps must be out, then!


(said with sarcasm - Ive never had a 29er, and roll on a dual 26. I agree with your conclusions.)

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650b vs 26" DH bike test result.. .75sec time saving and less effort applied.


Hmm, all that time and money spent to justify that you would in fact be faster - great if everyone was chasing a clock.


I don't think I will be throwing my 26 in the bin just yet, now to convince the tyre manufacturers that "we" still exist : /

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