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Santa Cruz or Pyga


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In my limited experience us hackers are far more 'heavy' on bikes than more experienced and talented riders ..... They tend to be smoother and not as hard on their bikes. I could be wrong but I doubt it :whistling:




A tippy-toed white knuckle rider will bottom out 160mm on a 300mm drop, while a smooth relaxed rider will probably use half the travel, and negotiate the obstacle faster.


To quote Fabien Barel: "Many people don't realise, that your main suspension comes from your body."

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I disagree on the run out of suspension.


Have a look at what Mark and the guys did last year at Dirtopia down in Cpt, they even did some downhill races wight he OneTwenty.


My choice, always Pyga, great bike, supported by MTB mad local guys,




For sure - I was also at the Enduro's they did. Great promo for the bike. That said, none of the courses we rode were that hectic and no jumps. A hardtail did well at the first enduro. A good rider can always get over the bikes limitations, but once you start riding drops and jumps, 120 mm starts looking a little slim IMO.


* The Pyga 120 won the Dirtopia weekend dh course last year - not the most technical or hectic course either I believe, though.

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OP was asking which frame. Frames don't include rims.


IMO PYGA rather than the tallboy if you want the bigger wheels, otherwise Bronson :thumbup:


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Took my Tallboy out for a 4h ride today .Man! I always have a smile when I ride this bike .I really like Pyga to .Vipa is also a good bet .I have yet to meet a unhappy Tallboy owner

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Currently riding a rocky element msl 120mm and depending if you are going to to major drops and jumps, 120 can be more than enough(1st time full sus after 16 years of riding)

That being said, I would choose the pyga over the sc. I prefer the floating shock design of the pyga and it's local.

Designed by great riders.

Was eyeing the pyga before I got the rocky

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