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Budget bike for under R5k


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Just looking for something that allows me to ride with my 6 year on weekends etc

Nothing too technical but with school fees etc going up up I don't have a huge budget unfortunately.

Is there anything you can recommend in or around R5k??

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I can only see Cannondale 7 on makro?

Makro only had the Cannodale Trial 5 and the Trial 7 as a one off. The Trial 5, which is the better specked  one sold out very quickly. Some of the Makro stores should still have stock of the Trial 7.


This should still be a very good option for your requirements, which is selling at R3999.. I only saw those bikes in a medium size, which should be right for you.


If you can still find one, I would go for that one.

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I'm in cape Town and I think there is stock on the trail 7 around.

What was the plus point about the trail 5?

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Black Friday i saw 1x Trial 7 available on the floor at Ottery Makro.


Think it's a demo and why it's not taken yet.

Maybe you can negotiate a better deal seeing it's a demo model

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will these options fit me as im only 5 foot 6 ish


The only thing you need to be aware of is frame size.  You would probably need a small frame.  

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  • 2 weeks later...

Found Cannondale 7 at makro...even at lowest setting the seat was too high for me


Any other suggestions of small frame under 5k

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