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Meanwhile, in Hackney


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Footage of bike thief lunging at bystander with angle grinder


senior police officer says that thieves “have become brazen, greedy and lazy” due to the slim chance of being caught as forces divert resources away from bike theft towards violent crime.




Comments are interesting

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I think here someone would have moered him!

Kick the runt in the nuts


Problem is they are almost always armed (knives) and in groups (gang) so not worth risking your life for a bike

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I think here someone would have moered him! 

Yup, would have been klapped stukkend.


I will never forget the day I was walking through a the parking lot of a shopping mall. It had staircases going down a flight of stairs to get to the lower parking every 150m or so.

This dude is walking a few meters in front of me, kortbroek, long sock and vellies type oke.

Next thing I check some guy was lurking in the stairwell and as this guy went past he had a knife pulled on him... without even thinking the dude just flathanded the knife guy right back down the stairs!!


He then proceeded to walk down those stairs to carry on reminding the guy that crime doesnt pay. I ran off to go find the security guards, so that the knife guy didnt get beaten to death.

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