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RGT Cycling is now free


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As there is a good chance we might be in lockdown at some point and to be able to keep training, nice inititive from RGT Cycling


Virtual cycling simulator RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours Cycling) has announced that, in response to the global coronavirus pandemic, it is now free to use for all once again, having moved to a subscription model



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can this program use speed and cadence sensors to produce power like zwift?

You too lazy to do a couple of clicks on their website to find out the information yourself?  Here, will save you the effort



– RGT supports all BLE FTMS and ANT FE-C compatible trainers, cadence. heart rate and generic power meters.

– Speed sensors are not supported. Older turbo trainers work in combination with a power meter.

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Wishing I owed a IDT right now!

albeit I still have been training on the road during this week...


Maybe now is a good excuse to see what the hype is all about re zwift, sufferfest & alike apps.

Who knows, maybe I learn to love it  :ph34r:

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Bit confused .... (okay, no need to get nasty..)



There is a new YouTube video comparing RGT and Zwift .... it also mentions the fact that a PART of RGT is free ... it carries on to say that if you want the full package you would still be paying the same as what Zwift costs ....



Is the video outdated ?


Is there some limit to the free package ?


NOTE - their webpage states :





Aaaaa . .... now I remember why I did not test RGT when looking at all the options ....  "System requirements" - Windows 10.



My basic NUC PC is idiling along nicely on Windows 8 ....  (which also excluded a good few of the other options)



Zwift is working nicely with this very basic system.  :thumbup:   :clap:

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I just got a kickr core and i can see already that i am going to be addicted to zwift. All I've done so far is noodle around yorkshire and climb a big hill in watopia but racing is on my agenda soon. The fantasy of going full tech nerd with a climb doodat is already growing.

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Interesting twist from racing on Zwift... will be racing on the RGT platorm


Leading teams join forces for SEG eRacing U23 Series




Along with the SEG eRacing Academy, squads from the Jumbo Visma Development Team, Hagens Berman Axeon, GB Cycling Academy and U23 teams from Belgium, the USA and Germany will all take part. Several teams, including the FDJ and Sunweb development squads, are also rumoured to be in close discussions with the hosts.

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I tried RGT Cycling over the weekend after being on Zwift for the last 2-3 years.


While I had some bugs, I'm currently only doing 1-2 IDT rides a week and will be using RGT for a while. Just couldn't justify the Zwift cost for the amount of time I was putting in. Some notes:


1. Avatar stopped pedaling (my trainer does not send cadence info, but it simulated cadence on the first ride)

2. Power stopped transmitting from my mobile app to the screen app, but worked as soon as I "minimized" the mobile app (very weird)

3. Some of the areas are quite sparse, but the ones that look good look really good

4. Very few people online

5. Communication and setup worked very smoothly

6. Physics seems pretty good - cornering and drafting feel really accurate


Worth a shot if you have the time and equipment.

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