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To be delivered at some unspecified point in the future, which will be communicated to you through an email with someone else's name on it.


also received an email with the incorrect name

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And there is still no clarity on when delivery will take place


interesting times .... so many questions ....





- stocks must be running low, many items already shown as sold out

- new stock at some totally different exchange rate !!!

- current sales prices may be lowest for some considerable time ....

- SA covid numbers are rising .... especially so in the Western Cape (now please dont confuse the plebs by acknowledging that most testing is being done in the Western Cape and that the real numbers for the rest of SA is still a mystery ...)  fact is this thing is still picking up speed in SA ...




NOT Known ....


- will delivery be allowed on Level 3, or only on Level 2 ....

- how many of these stores will be around to deliver IF the lock-down drags out too long ....



Nice specials up for grabs, for those that want to gamble ....


PS - this comment applies to ALL the companies that have been running lock-down specials ....


PPS - I DO hope Level 3, and delivery, is in the next two or 3 weeks !!!!


PPPS - I do distribute some stuff via couriers, I have stopped all sales at the start of lock-down, and indicates we will only start again at Level 2 (if allowed) ... granted, easy for me to do with a small sideline ..... I DO still have lots of empathy and understanding for what they (all our on-line suppliers) are going through !!!

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