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There can be only one: The Highlander

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After almost 2 years of going back and forth on with what to replace my trusty Santa Cruz 5010, I finally left holy ground and pulled the trigger on a Deviate Highlander frame. A FREAKIN' 29er... :ph34r:  :eek:  :oops:


I'm getting the black edition with 150mm rear travel. The aim is a more trail orientated bike, rather than full enduro, ie. no Zeb or 38 or piggy back shock. I haven't 100% decided on the build, but it will most probably be:


RS Lyrik Ultimate 160mm;

CaneCreek DB Air IL

DT rims laced to Hope hubs 

Hope X2 brakes from my current bike

SLX 12x group set (this is a big change for me: I haven't ridden Shitmano since before 2004)

Bike Yoke Revive dropper.


It's been great to deal with Ben from Deviate. I wish the SA distributors of bikes I was looking at, were this keen on doing business.


Now for the long wait until July...


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Noice. Was excited to hear about deviate cycles 29er... Untill I saw it wasnt going to be pinion gearbox. Nonetheless. High pivot intrigues me. I would only change one thing so far on your build. XT 11s and shock to dvo topaz if ar all possible.

Have you looked at the forbidden druid?

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I had a long chat with Ben about the shock. He feels that the CC goes well with with the frame. I wanted to pair it with a Helm, but CC may only have forks available in September. And I like the look of the DB air IL ????‍♂️


I contacted Forbidden and they don't ship to SA. Also no stock. I'm waiting as is and not too keen on sukkelling to ship. I also want a bike that is leaning a bit more towards Enduro than trail, but is still a trail bike.


I seriously considered getting a Microshift Advent X drive train. Just to stick it to the man. But couldn't find stock.

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