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An invite to Golden Arrow


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Dear Mrs. Collins,


I have been directed by your Public Relations Office to write direct to you with our request.


The Cape Town based Pedal Power Association represents 14910 members, and one of its aims is to promote safer cycling. One of the problems at this time of the year, is the increase of cyclists on the road training for the Cycle Tour that takes place in March.


There are annually incidents that involve cyclists and busses from your company that may have been avoided if both the cyclists and the drivers were more aware of each others situations and conditions. To this end, Pedal Power would welcome an opportunity to briefly address your drivers to explain the situation from a cyclists perspective and what drivers should be on the look out for what may seem erratic cyclist behaviour. For instance, there are occasions that it may appear that cyclists just swerve into the road. This is mainly to avoid potholes or glass. There  are many more examples we can give. We would see this opportunity to address the drivers as extending a hand of co-operation to make the roads safer and friendlier for both the cyclist and drivers.


If you are able to find some time to discuss this idea, either by telephone or a meeting, please do contact me at this e-mail address or telephone at (0) 021-7047240 or Cell 084 3034294.


Kind Regards,

Steve Hayward: Chairman, Pedal Power Association.
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Well done!! Clap

I hope they take this up with thier drivers and we get some sort of positive repsonse.
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Yeah, it seems that all of this has just escalated dramatically in the last few weeks and it's damn scary.


Let's wait and see then.
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I know in Cape Town the escalation is caused by the fact that there are now so many cyclists on the roads in the morning, I mean this morning I must have seen at least 50 on my normal route, in winter I normally see 1 or 2 other people, always the same 1 or 2 other people.

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Almost got ridden off the rode this morning by a Golden Arrow bus stopping to pick up passengers at a place that didn't look like a bus stop. Five seconds and I would have been out of the way.


And I had my red flashy light thingy on...


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taxi and buses need to be targeted in all safety campaigns...


Then we should move to the shopping malls and herd the SUV driving housewifes together and coach them on"Living without your cell phone while driving - You're bigger than that"



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