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Best buy (factory spec'ed) bikes


Been shopping for value carbon bike, what is the best option for 1st C  

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  1. 1. Been shopping for value carbon bike, what is the best option for 1st C

    • Raleigh RC7000 /w ultegra +- 18k
    • Trek Madone 5.0 /w ultegra +- 23k
    • Felt F4 /w ulegra +- 18k
    • Scott Cr1 /w ultegra +- 23k
    • All these suck

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Shopping around for first carbon bike with some decent components. Im currently looking at few options but am trying to limit the cost to around 23k. Whats hot and whats not. Any help / comments would be appreciated, its alot of dough to throw at a bad decision. thanks.

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maybe look at fuji and merida too.

why get stuck up on ultegra? you could probably swing dura-ace or alternately 105 - although heavier.


what about wheels, always surprises me when people buy these sorts of bikes and then get crap wheels.. ie Shimano WHR550 or bottom of the range ksyriums
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Hi slowjoe


Do not underestimate the importance of timing on your decision.


In short, with the World Funride Champs two weeks away, the really good deals are three or four weeks away.  As you say, it's a big decision, so take your time.


I would scrub the Raleigh from your list.  Now, before the Raleigh-ista's start trying to smack me with their mini-pumps, there is nothing at all wrong with the Raleigh.  But hey, it's like a Toyota.  Nothing wrong with a Toyota either, but it's hardly going to make your trousers bulge is it? 


Up to the RC6000 (alloy - my previous bike), the Raleighs are spectacularly good value, but if you're splashing out on a carbon bike with Ult or higher gruppo, you want to buy something that makes you grin like an idiot whenever you see it.   If you want a carbon bike, you need a bit of bling.  I didn't vote in your poll, but I would go for the Scott, and yes, I am biased, 'cause I ride one. 
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Gumpole - excellent point!


Upgrading wheels will make WAY more difference to the way a bike rides than upgrading a gruppo ever will.
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I'll go for the Felt. Ultegra with dura ace der. Mavic aksium wheels.


Now, this is where the fun comes in.  Ask 3 guys for their opinion on bike stuff and you will get at least 30 opinions...I on the other hand wouldn't touch a carbon bike if it came equipped with Aksiums.  To mymind the Aksium is at best a "105 level" wheelset.


Dura Ace rear der?  That's just jewellery!  The rear der really just goes where the STI's tell it to go.


Mud Dee - disagreeing with you politely, and not looking to start a flame war.
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Still I think the Aksiums is a better wheel than the shimano. If the dura ace rear der is only 'jewellery" then why not ditch it and replace with a sora? Then you save another Grand or so.

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My two recommendations:



Full carbon monoque frame, and full carbon fork.

Ultegra with FSA carbon cranks and Mavic Ksyrium Equipe wheelset.


PLUS, It's a beautiful looking bike!!! Thumbs%20Up



Full carbon frame and fork.

Ultegra gropset, with Truvativ Carbon cranks, and Mavic Askium wheels


Frame is nice looking blue and touch of orange (will go very nicely with WW club kit....Big%20smile)

WorcesterWheelers2007-02-26 03:22:18
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Legerra Scirocco' date=' full carbon with Ultegra and Easton circuits for 19500[/quote']


Thanks for the comments sofar, the Trek votes was a bit of a surprise to me!!!

Legerra sounds interesting

Who stocks these?
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