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Ultegra 2007 R601 versus MavicKsyrium Elite Silver


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Which one of these would be a better buy in  SA?

Taking into consideration after sales support and so forth....

The price difference is only around R500

Shimano specs

New Ultegra wheelset which race proven technology based on the Dura
Ace 7800 wheelset. The rear wheel uses a wide flange hub design and an
asymmetrical rim that results in additional stiffness and stability.

< method="post" ="/index.php/product/parts_accessories/wheels_road/whs_R601.">Asymmetric rear rim.
10sp Shimano compatible hub (not suitable for 8sp or 9sp).
Aerodynamic medium depth rims.
744g 16 bladed spoke front wheel.
912g 20 bladed spoke rear wheel.

Country of origin: Japan>

Mavic specs

New silver anodised wheelset -

< method="post" ="/index.php/product/parts_accessories/wheels_road/wh_elite_silver.">UB machined braking surface - Blackened stainless steel ultra aero spokes front and rear - Self locking nipples and anti-spoke rotation system means the wheels are very low maintenance - Front 18 spokes radial - Rear 20 spokes 2 cross - Sealed replaceable bearings - Supplied with skewers and spoke tools - Available with ED10 campagnolo freehub body and M10 shimano. M10 is shimano 8sp, 9sp and 10sp compatible - Weight - 772g front, 960g rear>

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Are there weight restrictions on the wheels?

There are unofficial weight restrictions bandied about here and there on various forums.


I had the R550 wheels which were replaced because I was too heavy for them (apparently).
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These two wheelsets are imported by the same company Cool Heat so which one ever the backup will be the same. However i think the Ksyrium will be a better buy due to it having better bearings and very strong and fairly light.  Shimano has not yet mastered the art of wheelsbuilding seeing that their wheels change every year and there are many comebacks on them. Mavic however has perfected the art of wheelbuilding seeing that it is their core business.


Hope this helps
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Better bearings? You mean sealed bearings? The jury is still out about whether these are indeed better or not. The Mavic's have in fact done away with one of there "better bearings" in favour of a bit of nylon and rubber, this will at some point in the future grab your chain and wrap it around you cassette for you, always a nice experience!

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When I got my Xl's it did the chain wrapping thing. Serviced it with a special oil and grease mixture and never had that problem since.

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Ultegra' date=' lighter and better freewheel body.[/quote']




Agreed, by far the better wheelset of the two options.

Mavic Ksyrium = Great marketing that ended up on a wheel.
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Is the R601 the 2007 version of the WH-R550's? If so...they're quite a good buy for the price they go for.

Still want to buy new wheels, but i've been training and racing with the 550's for about a year now and they are really not bad!


They have survived two crashes already and i've been through some potholes when i seriously just waited for the wheels to give in/ break / loose a few spokes / buckle beyond repair, but they we're fine.
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