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Here is some kind of story about my new creation:

This is "Jopo Freak". Jopo is a legendary Finnish bicycle from the 60-70's. Jopo means Bicycle For Everyone. This, my forkless Jopo, is a kind of tribute to the old original. The idea to make a forkless bike came from my old Citroen 2CV car, which has a quite similar suspension/steering. My last bike was a very long lowrider,  so I wanted to make something different this time, also I wanted to make a more 'regular' bike. My daily driven bike was an old Jopo from the late 60's. So I started to wonder if I could make my forkless bike to be a Jopo. Old Jopos are rare and quite expensive, so I didn't want to destroy one of them. I used an old "Fleur Combi" bicycle frame, which is the same type as Jopo.


I started work with cutting th front of the frame off and making necessary modifications. I made steering arms using parts from the automotive industry, they are Opel Omega anti-roll-bar heads. The rest of the steering

is hand made and recycled old bicycle parts. The front hub is stolen from a wheel chair, which are much cheaper than some special mountain bike parts. Wheels and rims are original 22 inch size. The bike is really nice to drive, anyone who can drive a normal bicycle can also drive this.




http://bikerodnkustom4.homestead.com/files/002b2.jpg http://bikerodnkustom4.homestead.com/files/008b3.jpg


http://bikerodnkustom4.homestead.com/files/006B4.jpg  http://bikerodnkustom4.homestead.com/files/001b2.jpg

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Guest Big H

I imagine a Cannondale Lefty front hub will work quite well on Wheelchairs!!!!!!?????? Is that the "special MTB hub" he is referring to?????? Big H2007-03-28 10:13:56

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Guest Big H

Man with "half a shock" you could be the expert on this subject...... you most likely have a whole cupboard of broken ones that can be used for light wheelchair duty!!!!!!!!

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