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Yes it's question time again!Big%20smile


I have bought the frame (BMC SL01- Thanx again TH!) and now need opinions and advice to build the thing up. After having my budget severely cut due to the better half's Tandem aspirations (no, I'm not complaining),

I now need to look at building up decently on a tight budget.


I will look at S/H bargains on the notice board but for now want advice on new buys. My budget is R10k-R15k for complete build, excluding frame cost. So I will need advice on:


1) Groupset - campag preference but (you'll love this Big HBig%20smile) the best deal wins (call me a traitor if you want EBBig%20smile). Am also considering Compact crankset.

2) Wheels (current weight 90kg) 

3) Bars, stem, post

4) Pedals

5) Seat


I await the combined wisdom of the Hub (No that DOES NOT include you BIG MAMMADead).

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Buy a veloce/centuar groupo, it is a bit heavier than the chorus/record, but has more tech then the mirage. Also it works just as well (but is much cheaper)




Buy the groupo complete with hubs and BUILD a wheel. DRC pro rims, or the likes and you get a very light wheel that is strong (Alternatives get a set of ZONDO or VENTO's with the campy groupo)




Bars, stem post. ALU is fine, but a carbon seat post will fit the bike go EASTON if you can.




Pedals- LOOK




Seat - FIZIK Arone or Stella Itailia FLITE (the new ones are very Bling)

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Centaur Groupset, still carbon so don't need anything higher. R7000

Easton circuit wheels (Vista SL will also do). R2400-R3400

Easton EA70 Bars and stem and EC70 post. R2000

Seat = whatever you ass likes. R1000


All the Easton parts will go nice with the Easton fork on the bike.


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I cant resist replying, event though I've got work to do Disapprove I like specking out bikes. Very nice frame, btw.

So here we go: (from totalcycling.com)

Centaur 2007 ultra torque gruppo, (carbon shifters & rear derail) R4758

Campy Neutron wheels, R3993 (dont skimp on the wheels)

Stem, ITM millenium 4ever: R723

Hbar, ITM millenium 4ever: R692

Seatpost, ITM millenium 4ever (carbon) R779

Seat, Arione R865

Pedals, time RXE R798

Shipping: R300 (totalcycling offers a flat rate, regardless of parcel size)

Vat: R1807


Total: R14715. ( will be a bit more, bank usually charge more than the current exchange rate, and customs charge a couple of hundred handling as well)


My first choise for stem, bar & seatbost would be Easton, to match your fork, but totalcycling only sells the EC90 bar & seatpost, which adds R2500 to the cost. I havent got time now to find an EA70 bar & EC70 seatpost, will have a look on chainreactioncycles.com later.


I would also prefer speedplay zeros to time pedals, but time RXE offers better value.


With all easton & speedplay, the bike would almost be similar to the Phonac spec.


Christie2007-05-04 03:31:20
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From chainreactioncycles.com:


easton EA70 bar, R559

EC70 seatpost, R900

EA70 seatpost, R600

EA70 stem, R540


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Racman, I'll forgive your errant forray into the possibility of succumbing to the temptation of the S-world. Resist, o brother: From the advice above it seems like Campy wins? And within budget?

IMHO the carbon parts on Campag takes it over Shimano any day. You also get the new Ultra Torque cranks which are fantastic.

You're going to have a GREAT bike!


Christie, I'm sending my speccing tasks your way - great research!

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EB, it must be the fall I had on the MTB on Tuesday that made me even consider the "S" word (or maybe I was remembering my fishing days Big%20smile).


I vote Christie as the 2007 Hub "Bike Spec" Project Manager


What is preferred - O/S or wing bars and do carbon bars make a difference. (from experience I know that a carbon seatpost does)?


Also, the BBB & RavX carbon posts & bars seem good value. Anyone any views on this. (I think that the bars are actually a carbon/alloy mix but I may be mistaken)


I was considering the full Easton setup which will be cool, any views on Easton Circuit vs Fulcrum Racing 3 vs Campag Zonda ?


Also, noticed no comments about the compact crankset idea.


Thx for the help everyone - when it is finally completed I will post a pic. Keep the ideas rolling in.  
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Dunno where I stand on carbon bars: Was considering an "upgrade" but someone mentioned that in a crash (which you seem prone to Wink) carbon snaps, leaving jagged edges in the way of you forward-moving flesh. Nasty sh!t. Alu either cracks or bends, obviously avoiding this kind of issue. I do still think carbon looks fantastic and aesthetically is the better option. It's also (reputedly) stiffer, making the bike feel more reponsive on climbs and when sprinting.


Compact cranks: now there's a product for sissies. Kidding. The new direction is somewhere between comfort and spinning and ct cranks will give you that. I personally don't like higher cadences, prefering a decent-sized big blade and spending most of my time in it.
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Thx EB, I tend to sit more on my Big Blade as well, so it may not be a good idea. I am sure I read somewhere, maybe FSA we site, that there is not as big a difference but that compact has more useable ratios. Has anyone made the change that can comment?


Regarding the carbon bars - of course most of the bar is covered in tape so aesthetics is not as big an issue.
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Compact will only help on climbs. On flats and down hills you're gonna run out of gears.

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I will rather then go for 12-25 (instead of 11-23) cassette than compact crank if climbs are the only advantage. Thx M

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Regarding a compact, I have not ridden one. It looks much nicer than a tripple, though. But a 39x25 is good enough for most people on 99% roads in SA.


You can go lower spec on the wheels and up spec to a carbon hbar. But wheels will have a bigger impact on performance than bars, stem & seatpost. Thats why I suggested the Neutrons. Can also look at Eurus, but the Neutrons are available at such a nice price. (Totalcycling shipped my set yesterday). Between the Easton, Fulcrum and Zonda, I like the Zonda best, with the G3 rear spoke pattern, but they are all good, so you can see where you get the best price. Also depends on which one goes best with your frame colour.

A carbon bar will be a bit stiffer than Alu, although with the new oversize designs, the alu ones are plenty stiff. I've got and Easton EC90 carbon bar on the one bike and an ITM millenium4ever alu on the other, I cant feel much of a difference. (I'm not the largest guy aroung at 68kg, so I dont flex components that much when I ride) Carbon still lighter (190grams vs 292 grams), so the 102 grams of weight you save costs R1000.


I'm not keen on carbon/alloy mix bars. You pay more than alu, for looks mostly.

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racman. If you speak to Willie Engelbrecht ask him about Cape cycle system's Westport bike build kits. Comes complete with everything exept the frame. The kits are very well speced and good value for money. They have 105, Ultegra and Dura ace kits. The prices are good. Should be able to get an Ultegra kit at about R 10k. Fizik saddle, FSA bar, stem and post. Wheels probarbly Ksyrium Elite etc. It even includes bar tape.

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