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Tips for a new MTBer


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Having been a roadie for many years I've just started mountain biking mainly to keep fit during winter until its time to hit the road again.




Are there any tips/tricks which could prove useful to a newbie.




I've found 2 so far.


1) Don't use bottle cages - during first downhill I lost my bottles :) I've now got a hydration bag.


2) Use a chainstay protector. On my first ride I thought my bike was going to rattle itself apart. I've fitted a protector and now its a lot more silent!




I'm sure there are load of other useful tips out there?





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Is tubeless really better? I've read a few posts where some people swear by them, others says its too problematic and prefer to use tubes.

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Tubeless..there is no other way.


And on the bottle issue....I've never lost a bottle. Get decent cages. I hate a hydration pack.
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biggest tip' date=' don't listen to anybody, especially poncy shops. Find out for yourself.[/quote']




I'd have to agree with Mampara.




It's all about personal preference, and not the saleman.




7 years down the line, and more than 20 bikes later, I'm still trying to find the balance.

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Bottle cages: the aluminium alloy type you can bend in a bit to keep the pressuure and hold the bottle tight are a good idea: not these flimsy roadie types. I am yet to loose a water bottle on the trail, though as back marker I always see many others that have popped out.


Flats: be prepared, with a few back-up options as well. If you not going tubeless, old-skool inner strips are a good idea.
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