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Your Fat percentage / Weight and Height


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For starters.

I am a Roadie, I am addicted to bicycles.


I am 38 but as active as a 23 year old male, clinicly tested.

That is close to half my age.


I weight 75 kg on a bad day.

My height is 186m.


My body fat is 10%.

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Top Posters In This Topic

How do you measure your body fat?


We have one of those Health measure machines at the gym that measures blood pressure and Body fat %, BMI and and and, but I'm not convinced it's accurate at all.


According to that thing my BMI is 24.4 (which is apparently very close to overweight) and my body fat % is 11.6% (which is well into the endurance athlete zone). I weigh 81.8kg and 1.8m tall.

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Go here

this should help a bit - you need a tape measure though



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Mark 174cm , 67.6kg 5.86% - 7.2% (depending on where in the season) been there for 3 years, Age, nearly 40+ category watch out, lol, but the interesting thing is I used to weigh 112kg at 10% yeah stupid power lifting days, took years to strip the muscle hardest thing i ever did. Nutrition nutrition nutrition.......... and triathlon ;-)

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