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Double Century


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Hi All,


Looking for a quick training guide to doing the Double Century.


I have started doing the 30 to 45 minute spinning class to just get back into cycling but still got a long way to go before being able to do the Double Century.


Going to try and do a 50 k cycle over the weekend. But i was wondering what the best training guide would be to get ready in time for a eight hour double century.


Crazy idea.







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and you are going to TRY and do 50k this weekend !!!Big%20smile Keep us posted on the training and if it works.


My suggestion - lots and lots of EPO!!!!LOL


Ok That was a joke my "braza" - drugs are VERY bad for you Thumbs%20Down
racman2007-09-19 05:27:46
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Actually... those kinda drugs arent bad for you at all...  they're very good for you. So good that you get an unfair advantage. THATS why they're banned... Wink

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One of our riders a couple of years ago did only spinning as training, plus one long ride over the course of a weekend (N1 city - Worcester - back). He completed the DC. And I'm talking Ceres. On a borrowed bike. With a 42x23T low gear. And ancient 700 x 20 tyres. And DT shifters.

OK, we were last. And it took 11 and a half hours. But he finished. 

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my feeling is that you need to be able to ride 150 km over a hilly course - 4 passes for eg - pretty comfortably if you are to be ready for the DC. You should only increase your distance by 10 % each week, so if you start off with a 50 km ride this weekend you will only be up to about 110 km in 8 weeks. therefore not enough.


THe DC is no walk in the park, my advise -  skip it this year. Sorry.
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There was an excellent 10 week program on Bicycling website to complete a fast century about 3 months ago.


Look for that program and start either at the 3rd week seeing theres only 8 weeks left.


Good Luck.




heres some links to those training programs.

Although these links are for 100Miles and not 100Km's the principle is still the same.


preparing for your First Century



Fast Century

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