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  1. My son loves his hotrock. Can't comment on the Titan, but can definitely recommend getting something with similar geometry to the hotrock. Some of his friends have got other kiddies bikes and they aren't great on the proper mtb trails. His one friend borrowed his 20 inch bike and was suddenly riding so much better.
  2. Thanks for the input - busy checking for a hand specialist as we speak. As you say, it's a rather complex structure so probably best to have the right person check it out! Happy to hear it helped a bit! If it's anything like mine is at the moment, it imrpoves in the tiniest increments imaginable! Dr M Solomons @ Vincent Pallotti. Can highly recommend him. He finally solved my shoulder issue after I had been to three other specialists, sorted out my torn thumb ligaments (the standard brace didn't help at all so they made me a custom one) and he also sorted out my broken finger which the GP had said wasn't broken. I have learnt more than once to not got to a GP or A&E with an injury!
  3. I struggle to get my heart rate up in the pool so don't get points for a swim (other than the gym visit) With cycling on the road, I can manage 70% for 30 min, but can't get 80%. With running I can just jog on the flat road and I get over 80% For me my heart rate fluctuates a lot with different temperatures so the hotter I am the higher my heart rate will be. Need to dress warm if I want my points. I think with swimming I just don't get hot enough.
  4. I wish I could :-( Also O-, but not allowed to donate as I am anemic.
  5. I went to Pick n Pay this morning and got great discounts and my Discovery card worked with no issues. Saved a fortune For those with babies, clicks have got great online specials on the Mega Box of nappies @R289, the pants @R120 and PnP have the Jumbo packs at R145! (R85 saving). I've stocked up :-) Now if only I could get onto takealot. They have 67% of some cricket gear which I really want to check out for my 9 year old.
  6. Personally I really don't like the polarized lens. Small things like I can't see my phones camera with them on. I love my Oakleys. They came with 2 lenses and as I scratched the darker ones (my fault), I have been uses the light lenses for a few years now and they are awesome for mtbing as you can still see when in the forest, but have enough protection in full sun. Yes they cost a lot, but they last for years.
  7. When I sell a bike, I put the original saddle back on and keep my special saddle. Most of the more expensive bikes come without pedals.
  8. They can cook ! It's just difficult to try get homework done and cook at the same time. Much easier just to buy fast food which I don't particularly want my child eating 3 days in a row
  9. lol, brilliant. My food for the family is normally 1 night pre-cooked meal (I make it the night before), 1 night Woolies lasagna and 1 night take-away's. For those you don't like leaving the kids, but still want to go do the stage races, look at Berg and Bush as an option as it is very family friendly. There is place to put your family tent, or if you want comfort, there are places to stay close to the camp. There are a couple of cool viewing points along the way and other nearby activities for the family while you are riding. For me it's going to be a while before I can do the stage races again. I can't leave hubby with a 5 month old and a 9 year old, the 9 year old will get bored out of his mind (he is very active). Next plan is Houw Hoek 2018 (it's only 2 days)!
  10. It really depends on how tall he is for his age. My son is pretty tall for 9 (wears size 11-12) and still fits on his 24 inch.
  11. All the tractor drivers I have met along the roads stick as much to the left as possible so that they are easy to pass.
  12. It's a quick soft hoot :-)
  13. We came across 3 people on Vissershok road on Saturday riding 3 abreast. They didn't even hear us come right up behind them. We hooted so that they would let us pass. The one guy put his hand up to apologise which was cool. Then the other stupid idiot decided he would pull a zap at us. For what, politely hooting to ask them to move over so that we could pass safely. The problem is people like this and your in your case really piss road users off and make them hate cyclists.
  14. Mine was spinning nicely, then almost stopped on one of the bigger prizers and then started spinning again and landed on a coffee / smoothie voucher. Oh well.
  15. It works the same as the team / individual rewards. Friday is the last day to achieve it, but they allow a few days for peoples info to get in and only award it the next Wednesday so we have to wait until Wednesday to spin. I almost missed mine as I forgot my watch yesterday so didn't get my 100 points for 10000 steps. Needed 300 points today so had to go run in the howling wind. Vitality Rewards works for me :-)
  16. . Just WOW !!! This thread has really been an emotional roller coaster. You forgot just how small and fragile babies are and I can't even comprehend holding a baby as tiny as Karmi. She is a little superstar and is absolutely gorgeous.
  17. I had a nasty roastie on my arm which was causing me to struggle to work on the computer as it was too sore and itchy (was dry). Chemist recommend Germoline, its thick pink stuff and it worked like a charm. I now use it for any scrapes or insect bites. My son who has also been fussy with things like Savlon etc loves the Germoline as it doesn't sting at all.
  18. That's what you think. The team who did Sani the previous year, enters again, then does the substitution to transfer to a team of their choice (family / friends). Then the following year repeat the process and they have their entry back.
  19. Team Reward only in place until end of October :-( I wonder what the people at work think when I come into the office every day with a Vida-e coffee when we have an expensive coffee machine in the office. I got 4 rewards this week: 1 individual, 1 team, 1 surprise, 1 vitality drive and still have 2 from last week So total 6 rewards to use !!!
  20. Lucky he didn't get stopped by customs. We got in trouble on the way back from Namibia - my son (who was 7 then) loves rocks and collected some while in Namibia. We got searched at the border post on the way back to SA and they found the rocks and weren't too happy.
  21. I have the Thule system. The newer pro rides are fantastic as the clamp right around the frame so there is no chance of the bike falling out (had this happen once in a very strong cross wind). They are also designed for fatter tyres. I am neurotic with my baby on the roof so have no issue remembering.
  22. I don't know how women deal with this. I would hate my husband to see everything I spend money on !!!
  23. Garmins Vivofit HR + is around the 4k range. I LOVE mine. Can use it for running, cycling, open water swimming and even used it to my surf the other day
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