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  1. dre

    Dopers suck

    Yeah no, agree with Squire here. It is very much black and white: Banned substances - banned for EVERYONE Rules regarding bikes and gear used - same for EVERYONE The rest is legal and available to EVERYONE - supplements, nutrition, gear, etc.. This is how the playing field is even. Every now and then the regulatory bodies catch up with science and research, and then either ban something new, or un-ban (if this is a word?) something that was on the banned substances list; but while something is on that WADA list it is very simple - don't use it. The debate on whether it SHOULD be as above is a longer one, but this is the way it is...for now.
  2. dre

    Dopers suck

    Not worried myself. Just saying it's like running a race against someone that made his prosthetic leg longer than yours
  3. dre

    Dopers suck

    But that's the thing, it's not. The dopers are taking career and sponsorship opportunities away from the clean riders. (not talking about me... but can just imagine how tough it must be to see the doper getting the prize money, sponsors, national colours etc)
  4. Condolences to Kevin and his sons. RIP Tumbleweed.
  5. Healing vibes to TW! Never met in person, but you get to know personalities over the years - someone who cares about people and animals (which says a lot about a person), and someone who doesn't give up. Keep fighting bud.
  6. Getting a new commuter within the next week or so - can start the challenge then without worrying about wear n tear on the mtb. Will be joining more beer fridays soon Hairy
  7. A friend is looking for a tandem entry. Anyone here know of anyone looking to get rid of one, please pm me
  8. Managed a 5h40 on my first K2C - it was harder that I thought it was going to be. Yoh, that last climb at the 8km to go mark got to my legs.
  9. Got entries. Decided not to do the ride anymore. That's 2 more entries becoming available after 1pm tomorrow
  10. You will have an unfair advantage over us that trained at low altitude
  11. Ok. Read the first page and now the last one before making this comment. How long did this fred stay on track for?
  12. Mr Roberts, the people heard (saw) you the first time. What you do now is go post an add in classifieds and wait.
  13. I know that's your rule, but I've been here 6 years. I'm sure you'll buy n lekker deal from me if one comes along. EDIT: Kyk nou net daar!. I've crossed the 900 mark. Getting there.
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