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  1. Cat2 bunch was also way too big. They should have split the juniors and Cat2 riders.
  2. https://www.pandata.org.za/wp-content/uploads/2020/07/Excess-Death-Oddities.pdf
  3. Why havent they implemented these measures to prevent TB, flu, common cold, pneumonia etc from spreading? At best, covid has a moratlity rate of 0.05%, which is even lower amongst young fit people and has a near negliable risk of transmission outdoors. We have become so affraid of death, we are forgetting to live our lives.
  4. https://businesstech.co.za/news/trending/410895/here-are-the-deaths-by-age-in-south-africas-coronavirus-hotpsots/ It's clearly a disease that kills people with compromised immune systems.
  5. Is it a R8000 series?
  6. here's my 5km radius, can't wait https://bit.ly/2xm6DaL
  7. No such thing as bad weather. Only bad gear.
  8. Stretch, before spending money. Especially your quads. They've probably shortened because you have been training more. My knee pain has always been due to being stiff or immobile.
  9. If it's the top linkage above the rear tire you might have the same problem I had. There are 4 washers in the linkage which have been pinched when they were installed. When I replaced mine the squeking was gone. It's a cheap fix, R20 per washer
  10. https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-xtr-980-disc-pads-metal-fin-j04c Asseblief
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qnjYyfkcaNI Everything you need to know about crossfit
  12. Can you still buy at Cape Agricultural products? Does the stuff work and last? Im done with stans.
  13. This please: http://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/roc-shox-reba-rl-29er-sa100-tp-2915-2014
  14. The three rules of hammering seatposts: Never install a seatpost with a hammer. Never, never install a seatpost with a hammer. Never, never, EVER install a seatpost with a hammer! Sheldon Brown
  15. have the Xrides and love them.
  16. Cool thanks Capricorn. Unrelated: where can I get Loctite Blue. I keep taking out bolts and never replacing them properly with Loctite.
  17. Its a BMC Fourstroke 29. I don't know if there are any circlips behind the bolts. I can't see any.
  18. Hi Guys. How do I remove the bolt in the picture. I have taken out the screw that keeps the two bolts together, but cant seem to push the bolts out. I used a thin piece of wood, but if I knock it in it just comes out the other end without pushing the bolt through. I would like to clean in between the bolts and the link.
  19. Hey Tribar, do you use Rockshox red rum and suspension oil or do you use a substitute?
  20. I'm going to buy the SLRs and stretch them to 29"
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