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  1. Thanks Frosty. So 12.6 is relevant for CTCT?
  2. Still being determined unfortunately... we should know by Monday. You will be surprised by the stage race requirements....
  3. Great news! Even used an appropriate photo
  4. Did you guys see this? Cape Town marathon will be doing this ..... What about Covid? In order to reduce the risk of COVID -19 transmission, all runners and crew will undergo the COVID-19 Antigen test: Covid tests will be in a 72hour window before the race, The COVID-19 Antigen testing is non-invasive and will be available within 15 minutes, Testing will be free of charge, Testing will be compulsory and will be done at Cape Town Stadium, and Runners will need to undergo the testing before entering the expo space and collecting race numbers.
  5. Awesome - thats what I was after, someone closer to the event itself. Great. Thanks for that. I am aware of all the work being put into the marathon and hearing lots of feedback etc. Not seeing the same level of comms coming through on the tour and that was my beef. I am really really really hoping it happens
  6. I hear you guys - my point is I trust they are honest in preparing to host the event and not just delaying. And that someone is checking up on them to keep them honest.
  7. So if they cancel after Sunday we get NO refunds. Here's hoping that someone on here with inside info is keeping an eye on the organizers.... that they at least tried to present the race and not just delayed to the point of filling their pockets.
  8. Sooooo.... is this happening or not? Dont see it being marketed much.... really concerned over the 11 Sept deadline for no refund got quite a few entries depending on this.
  9. If they do cancel it now, we are at 50% 6.1.3. if the Cape Town Cycle Tour is cancelled or postponed between 10 August 2021 and 16 September 2021 then the entrant will be refunded 50% of the entry fee (less bank charges if applicable); 6.1.4. if the Cape Town Cycle Tour is cancelled or postponed between 17 September 2021 and the day of the event, no refund will be given.
  10. We should have a thread that follows specials - I think there is one but mainly tells of Onedayonly specials. Would be great to see stuff like tyres on sale - but it needs to be really a bargain not just -10% CWC sales - would also be good for sales I am sure.
  11. Sounds great. What is the cost dont seem to see it anywhere
  12. Did anyone pick up on the cancellation policy? If 18000 entries are cancelled...... lot of money
  13. Do we still get -25% at SWH - is the activegear benefit not replaced by this new thing where you can only buy Nike apparal, devices, etc.?
  14. I also agree with Frosty's understanding If I generate the code but do not use it, does it still reset? Guess I will soon know, not knowing how it works, I generated a code, but wont use it, it expires end April - fkng hope it doen not reset that will be stupid. So for this week, achieving all goals for 2021, sitting at 16/25 will only earn one (like me) 25+15=40%, you need to stick with it another 9 weeks to get to 25 goasl - really silly imo. But you can still generate more monthly codes will only get 25% then, correct?
  15. Anyone else having trouble with the app today, keep on getting the 'could not retrieve information. Please try again later' message when going to Vitality on the app?
  16. I was looking at tent and it was mind boggling what a fancy tent can cost. I ended up buying a one man dome tent from Takelot for R299 to test it. I was pleasantly surprised to find it weighs only 1.28 kg. The benefit of such a tent is that it sets up in minutes and is a little safer ito monkeys. will need to see how watertight it is in due course. https://www.takealot.com/2-person-dome-tent/PLID65914487
  17. I went for the Topeak MTX carrier which mounts to the seatpost - loads more space and its really sturdy. Dont need anything else and it just clips on - dont fancy the bag hanging on the seat... You can get it from most every shop which stocks Topeak. https://www.topeak.com/global/en/products/249-MTB-BeamRacks/136-mtx-beamrack-(e-type) Plus the bags
  18. Zeffer

    The Munga 2020

    Hansie is an accomplished cyclist. Multiple SA road champ in his age group. Multiple SA track medals as well. Won the mini-munga Been training like crazy. Think coached by Jaco Ferreira One of the faces/owners behind Ferocity - I bet you is riding on one today And he is from the correct side of the boerewors curtain.
  19. Thanks everyone - I am inspired to do this as a project. Learned now that you can buy 2K paint in cans with hardener - dont need a spray gun or a Zoom machine.
  20. Yoh, awesome build dude. I am inspired. Did you say the paint was mixed and then put in a can? To spray directly, or to use a spray gun? What does the paint cost?
  21. Hey experts I am toying with the idea of refreshing my frame. Think of matt black. The interwebs says you need to prep, prime, spray and laquer the frame. Loads of info available. Local spraypaintplace will do it fro R2500 I am considering buying a Zoom spraypaint machine or similar for R500 and the paint from the place and try it myself. Seems like a lekke project. Anyone attempted this as a DIY and willing to share experience?
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