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  1. So the fact that I got no bonus :thumbdown: , means that I can't afford the Thule rack I had planned to buy myself for Xmas. Does anyone know if the Thule dealer out by Clearwater mall rents out racks at all?
  2. In December 2013 I bought a Thule frame adaptor bar model 982 so that I could fit my new duel-sus bike onto my Saris Bones rack. It cost me R290. Yesterday, at the same shop, the same piece of metal/steel is now R450. In other words, it has increased in price by around 50%, in less than a year. (there is also a flimsy looking model, the 981, for R350) Now I know the interest rate fluctuates and I understand price increases, but this is a little bloody ridiculous, IMHO. Any other suggestions for this gadget? Been told that Sportsmans Warehouse has something similar but of course would rather spend the money and know that my bike is not going to fall off the car...
  3. Hi all, A long while ago I bought a 2ndhand Toyota RAV4 (2005 model) which, by design, have a spare wheel mounted on the back (booth) door. It also had a customised tow bar (in form of it being welded with additional steel bars to make it longer to reach beyond the spare wheel). I have that tow bar removed and sold because I never needed one. My MTB was transported mostly in the back, with back seats removed or folded flat. However, over time I got tired of loading / unloading the bike plus I now must share space with the "boss (wife)" in terms of additional baggage in booth. So, I want to transport my MTB outside the SUV. So, my options are as follows: (a) definitely NO tow bar again, because it will cause me lot of grief in terms of it being at a low angle underneath the SUV as well as requiring welding to extend its reach, meaning it will be closer to ground, as well as hitting speed bumps, etc (which did happened a lot with the original tow bar before I had it removed). Also, a Thule Euro bike rack mounted on a tow bar will prevent me from opening the 5th door / accessing the boot, unless I remove bikes from tow bar rack before I can open the door. (b) roof racks are not an option, ever, due to height of SUV involved, as well as the messy issues of MTB (bugs, dirt, etc) as well as garage issues. Which lefts me with a "rack-on-spare wheel" option which also sounds like a more sensible option because it is easy to get access to the booth with bikes hanging off the wheel. But my problem is that the Thule "Spare Me" rack does not fit the RAV4 spare wheel design. What else are my options? Can anyone give me some advice, please? Thanks in advance.
  4. ok firstly i am having some issues with the tow bar - trying to get that resolved with the dealership, but something else i noticed on the thule carrier. see here the arms that hold the bike and the wheel wells don't line up straight as I would expect it to - so in order for the clamp to attach to either seatpost or top bar of my bike - the bike has to lean quite a bit - which add to the lean on the towbar results in a rather precarious looking situation ideas?
  5. while wondering around in woodmead over the weekend I saw there's a thule shop there. Do they sell directly to the public? if so anyone bought from them? is there any benefit going there direct i.e better pricing or is it better to try wheel / deal somewhere.
  6. Hi Hubbers, Unfortunately my prized Thule EuroWay 3 bike carrier was stolen off the back of my car on Sunday night (25 May 2014) while parked in an open driveway in Sandpiper Road, Tableview. It was locked onto the towball, but seems they either had enough time or the tools to remove it. If anyone happens to spot one for sale please let me know, but more so if you have a similar model watch out if parking in a publicly accessible spot overnight. The lock I'd assumed was pretty solid was easily and quietly dealt with. Thanks, Matt
  7. Hi guys, My Thule raceway was nicked out of my complex sometime this last week. It's the 3 bike version. If anyone sees anything up for sale like it that seems suspicious please do let me know Regards
  8. I was lucky enough to get a 2nd hand Thule Euroride at a good price - unfortunately it is in Johannesburg. What would be the best / easiest / cheapest way to get it to Cape Town? I am going through there in a couple of weeks when on holiday so I can pick it up, but was hoping to use it by then. Has anybody couriered something like this before and can give me an indication of the cost?
  9. A mate of mines bike was stolen please keep a look out!! See below mail from him! Can you please put the word out. I had a high end mtb that was stolen on Saturday (see details below) and I’m desperately trying to get it back. It’s a very unique bike and you won’t find many of them. Please can you help by forwarding to everyone you know. On Saturday 26th April someone stole my mtb off the back of a Thule bike rack that it was locked on to. It happened in the mall in Glena Marais shopping centre where Finish Line Cycles is and security miraculously never saw anything despite being less than 20 meters away. The bike is a Scott Scale SL 900. The entire bike is matt black with an XX1 groupset, Rockshox fork, carbon Syncross wheels and finishing kit. Non standard items are black ESI grips and Geax Sagaro tubeless tyres. It has a small white tipex marking on the seat pin where it goes into the frame and also on the saddle rails from when the bike was fitted for me. There are small scratches on the inside of the rear triangle caused by a piece of wire that got stuck in the wheel a while ago. Bike is a medium and 2013 model in excellent nick. Please look out for it cos it's very rare and worth about R80k and I’m not insured. Happy to pay a reward. Richard 0768133326
  10. I'm looking for an easy way to transport 4 bikes. Thule G6 is too expensive. I've come across the Buzzrack Quattro and the EZRack (3 bike with adaptor for 4th bike), Has anyone got any advice, pros/cons for me? Thanks in advance
  11. I remember seeing somewhere that there was a lifting system that was mounted on wall. Then thule bike rack was connected so that bike rack could be used as a bike storage But I cannot find it on Google or Hub.
  12. Im selling my Scott Aspect Mountain bike 60 which is in excellent condition with all the below. Thule bike rack - carries two bikes Gel seat Bike timmer Bike bag -clips on bike Helmet Water bottle holder - which i attached Brand new bike chain to lock bike up 3X Bombs Ravx Airmax Pump Inflator Crank IT All Metal ABC Tube 26.1.95-2.1 PV Ryder CO2 16G Threaded Crowbar Tyre Levers Camelbak Dart 2L
  13. I may just as well copy and paste my previous post... Scott Scale 940, 2013 model, medium frame, black with blue, stolen in week before the Argus. Insurance pulled all the stops and got me onto a new bike (managed to get the very last 2013 medium around) in time for the Argus. Last Thursday, said bike (inside house and locked to Thule rack) neatly stolen - again!!!!! Somewhere someone has a set-off point for all these stolen bikes...I reckon if we managed to trace a few of them, we'll find where they're all going... In the meantime, I'm seriously fed-up (and probably bikeless as the insurance may not necessarily pay oit again...) Please keep an eye out, folks...
  14. 1 month and 3 days to go!!! Get training and get those entries in to stand a chance of winning an AWESOME Thule Bag valued at R1700! Date: Saturday 29th of March 2014. 100km MTB race from Notties to Himeville along the picturesque Lotheni Road. Features of this race include: ASERIOUS adrenalin rush on a 13km downhill! Matched by some challenging climbs yet once conquered you will be high fiving yourself! Awesome very unique (a useful!) goodies at registration! Stunning Drakensberg scenery, well stocked water tables to keep your spirits up and hopefully if all goes to plan ODYSSEY CRAFT BEER at the finish!
  15. How’s this for scary. On my way to work on Friday morning of last week I collected my bike from the bike shop where it had been serviced and continued to the office…..my Nissan Navara is fitted with a 3-bike Thule EuroWay towbar mounted rack. Imagine my surprise when on Tuesday of this week I received a “Class Discrepancy Notification” from SANRAL advising that their records indicate a discrepancy between the class registered on my e-toll account and that recorded during a transaction. Basically because of my bike rack the system re-classified my vehicle as class B which meant an increase of nearly 300% in the applicable toll fees. Now the interesting part…..the aforementioned document includes a statement which basically means that if I don’t sort this matter out then my vehicle will be permanently reclassified under class B with significantly higher toll fees applicable. “Should this matter not be resolved your registered vehicle class will be changed to the vehicle class detected by our system” Did you know…..some research into this matter revealed the following: “Vehicles making use of the Gauteng e-road are classified in accordance with a combination of the length and / or height of the vehicle, while vehicles making use of other toll roads are classified in terms of the vehicle axles and / or number of wheels” Based on this statement one must wonder about the implications for cyclists in general as not only could a towbar mounted bike rack have an impact on your e-toll account, but even a roof mounted carrier as this will greatly increase the calculated height of your vehicle (especially if there is an actual bike mounted thereon) and in so doing affect the overall size.
  16. I have a Thule Express 2 bike carrier for sale in classifieds. If it needs to be posted, how would you do it? Folded up, its a silly shape to put in a box, Could I bubble wrap it and wind packaging tape around?
  17. What was the Safire Notties Himeville 100 is now called the SAFIRE BERG 100 (much easier!) Date: Saturday 29th March 2014. This year we will be leaving from Notties and going to Himeville. We listened to your suggestions and no more steep hills as you depart or bumpy single track....you will have a neutral/access controlled departure on the tar road.... then it is GO GO GO! The challenge is great but so are the rewards (13km downhill!) and to say you have done the BERG 100! It is an awesome race with phenomenal scenery and of course a brilliant training ride for Sani2C. But also a great race to achieve & do! Prize money has been increased this year! and aLucky draw from first 200 entries to win a Thule Daypack valued at R1700! Entries are now open on Roag http://www.roag.co.za/enter-an-event.aspxhttp://www.roag.co.za/enter-an-event.aspx For more info check out http://www.berg100.co.za/
  18. I am looking for a roof rack that will fit on a Nissan livina x-gear, I know Thule makes them but at +_R 2500 they are expensive does anyone know of another make and where I could get them Thanks. Andre
  19. Is there any particular Thule bike rack that goes especially well with the Fortuner or is it a matter of taste? I see the options are the bike mounted on top of the car (wtf? doesnt this increase fuel consumption? Also my bike was made to go 40km/hour, not 140km?) The rack mounted 2/3 of the way up at the back and then the normal old school right behind the towbar...
  20. Hi Guys, Please keep your eyes peeled for my 2 racing bikes that were stolen from my car on Thursday 23rd Jan. I had been to a number of meetings through the afternoon covering the Post Office Centre, Illovo ; Thrupps , Illovo ; Sportron House, Bryanston ; Sandton Medi Clinic and Nicole Way Centre. Only on leaving Nicole way centre late int he afternoon afetr a hectic day I realised my Trek bike was no longer on the back seat and then also realised my resprayed black " Qhubeka" Cervelo was also no longer in the boot I'm engaging the various security companies to assist with teh CCTV footage , who are all being fairly helpful. The honest truth is whilst I only realised on leaving Nicoleway, this could have happened earlier int he afternoon. It appears I've been a victim of some brazen remote jamming allowing the thieves to access my car without raising alarm or concern. These guys must have been disturbed as they amazingly left 1 bike behind in the boot. They would have also only carried the bikes away as the wheels were off. My Thule pull along was also taken with my MTN Qhubeka team kit including sidi and bont shoes, 2 pairs speed play pedals and cleats ( i had been to a bike fitting earlier in the morning with Activeworx) I've attached pic's the bikes which you'd agree are pretty unique. The spec's are as follows: BIKE 1 : 60cm Team MTN Qhuebeka Trek Madone 7 SRAM Red groupset Zipp 404 tubbie wheels with bontrager tubbies Bontrager XXX carbon 13cm stem Bontrage Alu 44cm 9 double layer black bar tape Dura Ace SRM VI wireless with black display unit Bontrager black saddle Black Elite race bottle cages BIKE 2 : 58cm Black "Qhubeka" resprayed Cervelo Carbon Soloist SRM Red groupset including carbon cranks ( note bottom bracket is Dura Ace as needed to changed) 3T Carbon H/bar 44cm 3T Carbon 13cm Stem Sella Italia saddle - Turbomatic white 3T Alu clincher rotunda wheels ( 1 x broken spoken from morning ride Black Elite race bottle cages If anyone see's these unique beauties of mine or is offered them or as arts of them please contact me on 083 7952220 or james@qhubeka.org Whilst bikes are replacing able the sentimental value I have on them is greater. Thank you for time in reading this, please share accordingly and my fingers are crossed something turns up Kind Regards, James
  21. Hello Hubbers! I bought a new Silverback Slade 2 last Saturday at said store, had it prepped and fitted with no hassles. Very nice purchasing experience, I must say, and I couldn't wait to ride my new bike - you guys know how that is like: all you want to do is get the bike out of the shop and ride. So, when I read "No Tubes" on the side of the Maxxis Crossmark tyres, in the back of my mind assumed the tyres were really tubless and had sealant inside. The salesman probably assumed I knew what I was exactly buying. So, without questions asked and no warnings given, I took my bike home and next day morning I found myself 15 km away from home with multiple punctures in both tyres and no backup. The tyres had tubes and I didn't carry any spare tubes with me (thinking tubless tyres don't need tubes, right?) and no repair kit (tubless are puncture resistant, right?). Stupidity in the midst of excitement, I must say. So, I had to walk out of the bundus to the nearest road 1 km away and wait for GF to pick me up. Dissapointed, I took the bike back to Cycle Lab and told Andrew, the shop manager, that even when the sales process was good I was dissapointed I didn't get any advice regarding the wheels, which happened to be "tubless ready" only. No advice on getting spare tubes or puncture kit. After all this is a MTB, right? Without further questions Andrew took the bike in and got it ready the next day with new tyres and tubless conversion at no cost! Amazing. So, after struggling to put the bike inside the car I turned around, walked into the shop again and bought a Thule tow bar rack, a shock pump and gloves. Cycle Lab, you have my business.
  22. Hi, I have decided that the time has come to lay down the Mandelas and go buy a platform rack. I have a DIY solution that I am currently using but I am looking for something commercial, lockable and insurance approved. Choices are as follows: Thule (Euroclassic/Euroway) Menabo Winny 3 In that order... (Still need to confirm the price of the Thule though). I know that the Thule will be the most expensive, followed by the Menabo (R4200 delivered). The Thule is available locally everywhere and I am sure that spares are readily available as well should anything break. The added bonus is that I can go and "kick the tyres" of the Thule whereas the Winny is from Rack and Carry online. I am sure that they carry spares plus I have not read any bad reviews of them on here except for the setup issues. I am leaning towards the Thule because of their wide dealer network but that Winny is a serious contender based on price..... Thoughts?
  23. Good day Want to buy a Thule towbar hitch ( http://www.thule.com/en/hr/products/carriers-and-racks/bike-carriers/towbar-mounted-bike-carriers/thule-hangon-972-_-972000) but I have a concern that the licence plate would be blocked if I fit the bikes on the rack. I assume that the traffic blokes can give you a hard time if an object obstructs your license plate. Just wondering if this is a big issue and if so, what's the best solution? I can't be the first one to have this concern. Thanks
  24. Hello Fellow Hubbers, I wanted to know if any of you out there have had the misfortune of the tilt feature on your Thule rack stop working? This normally occurs when the latches (attached pic) stop latching...... Please let me know if any of you have had this problem and if you managed to resolve it?
  25. Hi Hubbers I need some advice. I am think of importing a Thule platform bike rack from France. I looked on the SARS customs and excise duty schedule for the % applicable on the bike rack but cant seem to find a suitable category in which it will fall. Does anybody have experience in importing a bike rack? And what the customs will be? Thanks guys.
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