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Found 23 results

  1. All, Just invested in the new Tacx Flux Smart Trainer and now want to use the capabilities of the smart trainer. I have been using TTS4 for quite some time (I have a Tacx Genius) but want explore Zwift. I have been reading up on it but I cannot seem to find answers on my questions. Zwift seems to evolve around online riding with other Zwift riders around the globe. Does that mean I can only ride at predetermined rides/events? If I come home and decide to ride, will I be able to? If so, will there be other riders? Will I be on my own if I do not join pre-scheduled events? In essence I want more info on how the rides are initiated. How are the routes determined? There seems to be only two worlds (Watopia and Richmond) but seems to be VERY short. I generally do rides between 40km-70km. Are such routes available? Is there enough climbing on these routes if I want to do some good hill training? How steep are the hills? Is Zwift vs TTS4 Real Life Videos worth it? Some feedback will be REALLY appreciated.
  2. I see the Swift Academy finals popped up on YouTube yesterday.
  3. Zwift, the global online fitness platform for cyclists, is today able to confirm Wahoo, Shimano and NTT as the Official Partners of the 2022 UCI Cycling Esports World Championships, which will be held on Zwift on February 26th 2022. Wahoo is named Official Trainer Partner of the event, providing their latest Wahoo KICKR V5 Smart […] View full article
  4. In the first week of February, my son’s Zwift child account was deleted without warning or explanation. When I enquired about this, the Zwift agent’s reply was that “Over the past several months we have been working on updating documentation around child accounts to meet compliance requirements. During this time, we have made several attempts via email to contact guardians requesting an updated consent form and warning of account deletions should we not receive the updated form”, and that my child’s account was deleted during this process. Apparently, the only way around this was for me to register him for a new account. I could find no trace of any of these “attempts” in my inbox. Of course this could have slipped through, so I asked the agent to kindly forward an example of one of these attempts. I also re-registered a child’s account on Feb 9. It is now Feb 16, and despite 3 further enquiries from me, I have not had a single further response from Zwift, neither has the re-registration been effected. I posted this on the Zwift Facebook page, but within minutes the post seems to have been removed by them. I am baffled by this level of service from a reputable company like Zwift. What I find even stranger, is how this episode contrasts with past experiences. The first time I registered my son’s child account, things happened literally within hours, and the agents were extremely helpful. Of course I can simply move to a different platform; however, I have put many hours into creating a whole bunch of workouts in Zwift. Has anyone else had a similar experience? Any advice? Franclo
  5. So what the actual is going on here? The website is so complicated I can barely makes heads or tails. Who has signed up for any of this? Looking to take part this "season". Got B level before, but I haven't raced in some time so I've probably slipped to C by now. https://www.wtrl.racing/zrl/Zwift-Racing-League.php Edit: ZPower says I'm B.
  6. Hi guys, I am looking to get myself set up for Zwift as I see my workload increasing the next couple of months and not really keen on being outside late at night when streets are deserted. I run about 4 times a week and mountain bike whenever I can. I was looking at getting a smart treadmill such as the Everlast Trail but it will take up quite a bit of space and not really sure how Zwift run compares to the cycling and if it will be worth it. Am I better off getting an entry-level smart trainer for my mountain bike instead, such as the Tacx Satori? I hear another problem is that mtb tyres get destroyed quite quickly, will I need extra wheels? Any other recommendations would be appreciated. I have a Silverback Sola 4 mountain bike. Thank you!
  7. Hi guys, I noticed that no one has posted anything about the Zwift L'Etape du Tour and was wondering what you guys thought of it... Stage 1: 30.32 km/682 m Stage 2: 47.61 km/309 m Stage 3: 21.85 km/1535 m I thought that stage 2 last week was rough considering that it was a full out sprint for 47k's and the last stage was just brutal! The new France World is a nice addition. Considering the ZAR's we pay, I wish Zwift would add more worlds, more often. How did you guys find it?
  8. As there is a good chance we might be in lockdown at some point and to be able to keep training, nice inititive from RGT Cycling Virtual cycling simulator RGT Cycling (Road Grand Tours Cycling) has announced that, in response to the global coronavirus pandemic, it is now free to use for all once again, having moved to a subscription model https://www.bikeradar.com/news/rgt-cycling-free-coronavirus/
  9. Hi I just thought I'd post this to the forums in case it's of help to someone like me in future. I recently bought an overbed table from Takealot for my IDT setup. The link is here. I'm not affiliated with this company in any way, this is just to give people an idea of what the item looks like in the context of an IDT setup. I have a large dual suspension MTB set up. At maximum extension the table is about level with the handlebars. The table surface is good quality and has retaining rubber strips on either long side. The unit is on lockable roller wheels that pop into place into the base. The dodgiest parts of the unit are the locking mechanism for the table tilt and the way the bolts in the base attach to the stem; they're just not very well made, but probably well-enough made. I noticed a small amount of, what might be, rust on my on one of the welds. So yeah, "Deluxe".
  10. I've been wanting to try out the Zwift steerable courses and also upgrade the horrible riser block my IDT came with. I'm probably not on a sufficiently high level yet to do the courses, but I found this SUPER COOL 3D printable design on Thingiverse (similar to this): https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4239532 I'm curious if anyone else has given this a go (or wants to give it a go)? This is my current print progress (started this morning): I'm using clear PETG filament due to availability ( ), ease of use and low thermal expansion coefficients. I don't have bearings, so I'll have to print those too. PETG is good for moving parts apparently.
  11. Sharpen your E-pitchforks, this from Bikeradar, but it's been all over twitter since this weekend. https://www.bikeradar.com/news/zwift-and-uci-esports-cycling-world-championships/ Zwift, the most prolific online training platform for cyclists, is teaming up with cycling’s global governing body, the UCI, to introduce an esports Cycling World Championships for 2020. If you’re not familiar with Zwift, it’s an online platform that bridges a gap between training and gaming in enabling cyclists (and also runners in its other guise) training at home to ride or race virtually with people all across the world. Scheduled rides and races — sometimes on real roads and courses recreated for the virtual world — give another dimension to turbo trainer usage; gradients, conditions and wind all affect the ride difficulty (with feedback through smart trainers), and other riders on-screen are real people pedalling hard in a garage or living room somewhere else in the real world. As a growing number of cyclists begin to use the platform to get in their miles — Zwift notes that over two million miles have been ridden on its three recreated UCI World Championships circuits alone — it should perhaps come as no surprise that things are getting more serious. Zwift Women’s League with team CANYON//SRAM. ZwiftThere are already full-blown races for money that take place entirely online and even professional e-racing teams; British Cycling hosted a National Championships early in 2019 and Canyon ZCC has a roster of pro racers focused on Zwift. The UCI Cycling Esports World Championships 2020 was announced during a joint Zwift-UCI press conference at the UCI Road World Championships in Yorkshire. The UCI’s President, David Lappartient, said: “As the governing body for the sport, we need to remain open to technical innovations and change, and to remain relevant to all audiences… there is a particularly exciting opportunity through esports as we look to attract a younger audience to cycling. Together we have an opportunity to support a fitter youth, through the creation of a new sustainable sport.” Format, dates and schedule for the event or qualifying events have not yet been released. Zwift notes that “Both the UCI and Zwift are committed to fair play and governance in cycling. The partnership will see both implement a new UCI rulebook for Cycling Esports in the coming year.”
  12. Get ready to RUMBLE! We know you are tired of riding shoulder to shoulder with Aussies and Kiwis - that is why starting this Wednesday 19:35, its time for you South African Zwifters (Zaffas) to come out fighting! Wednesday night kicks off our “Fight Night” on Zwift, a 1- 1 ½ hour race (dependent on the course) specifically for us South Africans. Yes, we are going to have to let in a couple of Aussies, Kiwis and any nationality that doesn’t understand the difference between now, just now and now now……but we really want that screen filled with South African flags! How? I’ll get to that now now. Our Chief Torturers from our national PainCave.co.za clubs will join you in this race series and ensure there is at least some pain. The PainCave “Fight Night” race runs for 25 weeks with your best 10 races counting towards final standings and possibly even some great prizes courtesy of BuyCycle.co.za and paincave.co.za The format of the race series will be based on age and not watts/kg. If you don’t have access to a smart trainer at home, head off to www.paincave.co.za and book a slot at any of our studios for the Wednesday night “Fight Night” – there will be a couple of FREE slots available at each studio (first come first served……chat to them now!) https://zwift.com/events/view/64197 We will be adding more details over the next couple of days and weeks….so keep on heading back to check the latest news. This is a series organised and run by Zaffas for all you Saffas! NOTE: While Zwift is sorting out European GDPR regulations for Zwiftpower.com we will not be able to display a leaderboard. We are however confident that this will sorted out soon. So no prizes until this is sorted out, only bragging rights. Be quirky, be fun, be lekker. Enjoy the race!
  13. Hallo Guys, Can someone please assist me with setting up ZWIFT. I have a *std (Old school) indoor trainer, *a Garmin Forerunner 235, *Samsung Android tablet (that support ANT+ but ZWIFTis not compatible) and *a new Samsung Cellphone with Android 9 so ANT+ not connecting to ZWIFT. * Garmin GCS10 Speed and Cadence sensor on my bike My Rouvy app is working fine with my Garmin GCS10 and Tablet...no problems (ANT+) I know ZWIFT is not working because ANT+ is not compatible with Android 9 anymore. But is there no way that I can pair my Forerunner to the ZWIFT app. So far im only pairing a small Bluetooth cadence sensor but I cannot get the Forerunner to show in the ZWIFT pair page to pair HELP!!!
  14. Hi Hubbers, Seeing that there are quite a few Zwifters here, I thought a dedicated tour thread would be cool. The tour kicked off today, with stage 1. Nothing too serious, a lekker warmup to what's to come. Will probably ride at around 6pm tonight, perhaps it will be cool to have some Hubbers ride together on some of the stages. Zwiftinsider.com has some low-down on the stages to come. https://zwiftinsider.com/tour-of-watopia-2019/ Ride on!
  15. Interesting look at a new virtal cycling app being developed in China called One Lap. Basically a ripoff of Zwift No subcription fees required as of yet, just a bit clunky for those not versed in Chinese. It's very new so it might be a bit janky but its good to see some competition in this market, it can only end well for the consumer LINK: http://www.onelap.cn/ Edit: added link
  16. Hi all, So I've had my Kickr 3 for the past few months and it's been great - I only use it with Zwift at the moment. I've also set the trainer difficulty to max as suggested by someone else here, as this apparently allows the trainer to react quicker to changes in gradients. I did a firmware update on it on Sunday via the Wahoo App and then tried to do a spindown with the app but for some reason this didn't finish so I left it and went for a ride on Zwift and all worked like normal. Last night, I did a spindown within Zwift and this ran successfully. The problem came in during the ride. There was a noticeable increase in the resistance, regardless of the gradient. As an example, when the gradient hit 6-8%, the resistance felt as if the gradient was more like 10-14% and I could hardly turn the pedals over. I can usually remain seated between 6 - 7% but this was impossible. Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions?
  17. Hi all, Firstly, sorry for all the questions below (it is excessive - I know ) So after doing some research on the net, I'm more confused than ever and hoping that someone here can give me a simple guide to get my gear connected to work with my smart trainer. Once my Tacx Flux arrives from CT, I want to connect it up to work with Zwift, my Garmin Edge 520 bundle & iPhone or Laptop (with Bluetooth) if possible. I would assume that the Garmin Cadence and Speed Sensors are not necessary as the trainer will give this info? From what I've read, the Garmin won't work as a bridge to bring everything together so to get the Garmin HR monitor to work, I'd need to get an ANT+ USB dongle and use my Laptop to run Zwift - is this correct? Is it also correct to assume that you can either use the Garmin with the trainer or Zwift but not both? I also have a Wahoo Tickr HR monitor, would this work with my iPhone, Zwift and the trainer? (this to me seems like the easiest setup via Bluetooth) If anyone has any other suggestions or tips, I'd really appreciate it - I'm a complete newbie
  18. Hi all (once again if this topic's been covered, apologies.. I couldn't find a thread) I'm contemplating getting a bike to permanently leave on my IDT (a Kickr 2) So nothing fancy would be required.... or am I wrong? wheels, brakes etc obviously matter not. last thing I want to do is damage my IDT.
  19. Hi guys/gals, I've started this topic, with the same idea of what the Cycleops event is. For those who're not in the know, it was to create a platform where we(hub users) could organise a ride together and suffer together. I would like to suggest that each hub member riding on Zwift would post the time and route he/she will ride (evening/morning) and what workout he plans to do...so it might not be a race all the time, but more a structured program. We could also do race nights(like Zwift's "Tuesday nights worlds" event). Zwift let you change your name to whatever event you participate in, however I think we could change our name to include BH (for BikeHub), so we can follow each other on Zwift. If you have more and other ideas, please let me know and I can add it to the #1 post... #rideon
  20. Hi so... It seems my indoor trainer is zwift compatible and all i need to do is get a ant+ receiver for my laptop as i have garmin bike sensors. So, if someone can give me some insight on the following that would be great. 1. if i sync the CAD, SPD, HR sensors to zwift and do my ride will that ride be linked to my strava, top peak and Vitality points? 2. Can i use garmin 235 ( that i usually record rides on, that syncs to garmin connect and then go to all the apps. ) and connect the sensors to zwift + garmin at the same time>? Im going to do this anyway but would be nice not to have to do a few rides just to figure it out. Links to vids or forums is also appreciated.
  21. The combination of cold winter mornings and live coverage of the Tour de France makes training indoors the go-to for many cyclists and triathletes alike. Not only can you leave the thermals and toe caps off, but your indoor session can be just as effective (in certain cases, more effective), than training outdoors. There are a huge variety of training apps and aids out on the market, all designed to make your training easier, keep you entertained and make you want to train indoors. Although we are spoilt for choice with all the aids out on the marketing, let’s face it; training indoors isn’t nearly as exciting as getting out there. We know all the tricks in the book; from racing other cyclists online right through to watching the Tour in hope that it will inspire you to push through the next interval set. Although indoor training is mentally tough, there is one key factor that can change it for you. Music. The beat that drives your legs forward, the lyrics that transport you from the confines of four walls, the emotions that come from a few minutes of beautiful noise. Listening to music while you’re training can help your fatigue, boost your mood and helps you feel less pain. Choosing the right type of music for your training is what stands between you and the finish line. We want to know what your top three songs are for training indoors! Every week for the course of three weeks, we will award a pair of CycleOps socks to the best liked song list. At the end of the three weeks, we will award a CycleOps Winter Training Package to the overall top liked list. Turn up the music, close your eyes and let the beat take over. Submissions should be made in the following format, Artist, Song and Album (if known). The winner for each week will be announced every Monday (10th, 17th & 24th July 2017) with the grand price being announced on Tuesday the 25th July 2017
  22. Hi Guys Looking into Zwift to make indoor training a little more exciting. Does anyone have any reviews or feedback on it? Is it worth it? The monthly cost isn't expensive at all. Thanks
  23. Zwift’s association with Team Dimension Data and Qhubeka has developed further in 2016, starting with an innovative fundraising campaign inside Zwift’s 3D cycling environment. Starting Tuesday 19 July, Zwift users can unlock the Team Dimension Data training kit and a Qhubeka branded Cervelo S5 bike for their in-game avatars, to show support for Qhubeka’s mission of mobilising the rural communities of South Africa through the #powerofbicycles. Click here to view the article
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