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DH bike for climbing & longer rides


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ok so i want to transition from aggressive XC (if that even exists) and all mountain riding to DH


ive got an all mountain bike at the moment but its falling short on DH tracks


but now i have to sell it to afford a DH bike


i also still want to be able to ride uphills, like tokai, and go for longer rides which i really like


basically i want to have my cake and eat it


how can i modify a DH bike to achieve this?


i know i could probably just mod my all mountain for more DH

but i kinda want to start taking DH seriously

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Get a dh bike that can take a long seat post. Morewood etc. Then get a wide range gear cluster for the back and a 34 tooth on the front. You can ride almost anywhere like that but the weight and head angle wont do you any favours on the climbs. I have a dh frame that i want to swap for an all mountain frame. What you got?

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what AM bike, do you have, How is it falling short on th DH tracks, maybe you just need a better/longer travel fork

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scroll down to the SLASH here: http://www.singletrackworld.com/2011/07/trek-world-2012/


and read more here: http://www.bikes.org.uk/trek-slash-mountain-bike/




If I was going to suggest a Trek, i would recommend one a bit more aggressive.


I think Slopestyle might suite the OPs need to bomb down hills, but be able to ride back up. Slopeslyle or freeride!


Here's the Trek for the job (Trek Scratch Air)




There's also a coil version.


Alternatively, the Giant Equivalents could be either the Reign X



(Nolipoli has one and he's used it on the DH courses. He loves it)


or if you're still not convinced the Reign X is burley enough... try the Faith


(You cant argue with Kurt Sorge's ability to ride big-mountain on one of these)

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+1 for the Reighn X


I've often seen a good rider on one of these chase guys on full-on DH bikes down Tokai after pedalling it all the way up, often more than once on the same ride. And they are better looking than most.

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