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Sportsmans Warehouse Criterium


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Hi folks.


So what do you think of us at sportsmans warehouse and Fourways Crossing hosting a Criterium???


Still playing around with some ideas but would probably consist of about a 2.5km-3km course where you will do laps for an hour plus one lap. we would have different categories, eg ladies, mens, vets, jnr and open. hold it over a couple weeks, sunday afternoons when the carpark and surrounding is empty. get a few sponsors involved, have some food stands, beer tent is a must, some jumping castles and things for the kiddies to be entertained with and we all have some good fun? let me know your thoughts.



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I'm there! Great idea.


( and I'm moving this to "Events"...)

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We already have permission from centre management so now its just the planning and organising. i will keep this thread up to date with any progress made

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Yeah im busy hunting for a venue for something like that, will take some hard work and hours preparing, but my dad and myself built one a few years back when i was still in durbs, and that was amazing, some very technical sections and awesome drops etc. held a good couple huge events there before moving onto the next location. was brilliant

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Sounds great. Count me in. Can you get KFC to sponsor some meals?

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Love, this idea! Please make it happen.

Agreed please don't let this just be a rumor.
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well this is in my letter that has gone to head office, im pushint this as much as possible and very sure we will be up and running soon. Bootleggers definitely have to do our watering point lol.


1. SA does not have many Criterium’s and therein lies the appeal. I believe there is a real opportunity to get a really interesting product off the ground. In line with SWH’s increased investment into the sport, this may provision an interesting way to launch the Fourways specialist cycling store.

2. The Criterium’s appeal is the fact that they are fast, technical, tough and exiting to participate in and watch. Races are only an hour reducing the boredom and hassle factor significantly for spectators. Unlike normal races where competitors are only seen at the start and finish (usually whizzing by) the entire race is viewable for all. The breaks, tactics, sprints .....all make for exiting entertainment

3. Utilise the 4WXing car park as a venue – It is large enough to make an interesting track and offers ample parking supported by centre ablutions

4. The events could either be run in the evenings or on Sun afternoons. My initial idea is to run a series of say 5 races with cumulative times and points being summed for the series winners. This will incentivise a longer term commitment. The series could be run over an 12 week period with racing taking place ever second Sunday. (see pt 6)

5. Use the events to attract cyclists and their families to the venue and to build support for the participating brands:

a. SWH – Tile sponsor with the finish line in front of the shop. SWH could provide tech support for riders and offer race day specials on equipment and kit. Prize giving could be inside the new cycling section

b. Floyd’s – Secondary sponsor with the start line directly outside the shop. We would manage the music, race marshals and give away prizes

c. Toys R Us – Kids play corner

d. Bottega – Food

e. FWXing – Venue and the race infrastructure – Bails, route tape (where required)...

6. One of the challenges is how to divi-up and position the racing. My suggestion would be to have an elite men’s, elite ladies, vets men, vets ladies and open seeded category. Price money for the cumulative best times, most points, most intermediate sprints ...could be compiled to give everyone other than individual race day winners something to aim at

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