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Ultimate HubberSSSS!!!!


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Back in 2009 i joined theHub to sell my Giant Yukon dual suspension.


As of yesterday I'm officially a "Ultimate Hubber".


Never would I have known that in 3 years I would:


1. Learn some basic bike maintenance (thanx Routjie)

2. Learn how to replace and adjust a derrailleur (thanx Drongo)

3. Get advise on which camera to buy (Photo thread)

4. Learn how to use my camera (Thanks Gummi)

5. Buy and sell 4 more bikes!

6. Make new friends

7. See theHub become a dating site!


Thanks to all!

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Top Posters In This Topic

What, you never had a good old fight on the Hub? Try harder!wink.png


It's called selective memories! Once had a helluva argument with an oke claiming there was no such thing as "core muscles"...

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nice one, was wondering when you get there...couple weeks left for me


It's post related- i believe... (500)


Seeing as i like to hover around more than engage- it took a while :)

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O goodness, I then spend TOO much time here, I got the Ultimate Hubber with in my 1st year here eek.gif


I think we need T-shirts......

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WHAT ? it took you 3 years to get 500 odd posts. What have you been doing (some okes do that in a few days) Riding your bike , or working ?


Haha, mostly working...


Also, i usually don't have a lot to add to an Armstrong thread or 29er discussion- rather get out the popcorn and observe :)

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