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This Riding 2 abreast

no calves

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Morning all!


I have been observing the Rants, Raves, Frustrations and mud throwing for a while now and while laying in bed i started to wonder where our group rides are going.


I grew up in Hexriver Vallei where we use to train mostly on the N1 due to its safe nature and it being the only road in and out of the vallei. Went to school in Paarl again riding most of the roads in and around Paarl ( then it was 70% of the roads PPA used for their races). Studied in CBD where i again road most of the roads in and around the peninsula.


I use to ride 2 abreast on most of the roads i used never having any problems with motorists, BUT it came from my side making sure I dont spoil their drive ie looking back every now and then spotting to see if there is a car back, falling into single file on roads like marine drive to camps bay, Paarl main road and other obvious roads. When i did obscure traffic i went out of my way to give an apologetic wave and indicate its my fault.


My question is thus: If we are condemned to riding single file due to our own actions where will our group rides, riding buddies, social aspect of training end up. Why would i want to go riding for lets say 80km if I must sit slip of give slip the entire way? I want to sit and have a chat with my mates FFS! Surely We can rally together and make roads user friendly for motorists and us alike??????



BTW For those of you skipping red lights...... put you fingers through his helmet vents and give him a little shake up wake up!!!!


I have been involved in a hit and run in camps bay so i know how it feels to be undermined as a cyclist due to motorists not really understanding how fast we really travel.



SAFE RIDING AND USE YOUR HEAD!!!!! If you are not going to thing about what you are doing why put a helmet on to protect your little brains in the first place?

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That really sums it up in my opinion ...

Nothing wrong with a little chat/riding 2 abreast where the road allows ... e.g. nice broad shoulder with no impact on traffic.

Problem is many don't take cognisance of their surroundings and continue this sort of activity where it isn't appropriate.

Or just don't stop at all.

If your chosen route doesn't allow for chat, save it for after the ride at the coffee shop.

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I enjoy road riding but if you want to feel safe and enjoy the social aspect of ride more then get a MTB.

I don't agree with you. There's absolutely no reason why you can't enjoy the same social aspect on the road.
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No Calves. Fully agree with you. The problem is the general South African user attitude towards his fellow road user. The vehicle applicable to the road user is irrelevant and is only nice to use to generalize (Bloody cyclists, BMW drivers, taxi drivers ... pick one). It is our attitudes that is the main killer on SA roads. Like Spinnekop said yesterday. Is it really so difficult to switch on you indicator and pass safely?

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