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New Brake pad issue


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So I put in new pads, on my SLX calipers, different manufacturer of pads..

Spin the wheel no problem, test ride down steep hill to test and I hear this sound of something touching, sounds like a broken spoke noise.

On closer inspection the only thing i think i am seeing is that these new pads sit further down on the disc and the noise could be coming from the disc as that part of the disc has never before come into contact with a pad.

is this normal and will a few rides smooth it out?

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The pad is correct as per the fitment, but what is bedding?


Pads and discs need to play well together. Neither are truly flat and only once they "bed" in do they work as they should.


To bed the brakes in people employ different methods. Mine choice is to find a nice long hill. Get the bike up to speed and really climb on the breaks. Repeat 10 times. After that the pad and disc will now be good friends. Try not to kill yourself. Make sure your weight is way back when you hit the brakes.

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Brilliant, I was hoping that would be a solution,Let me give that a go.

so these new pad issues are totally normal?

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10 times repeatedly might be a bit much. You gotta be careful you don't overheat the pads/disks and glaze them.

Ease them in over the space of 2 or 3 rides

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Looking at the disc they have a blue purple colour on them now,normal?


that's whats called glazed rotors.


there is a thread here somewhere that explains how to fix it

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